A teenager in love


I was fifteen years old, mason’s daughter has grown into a very beautiful young lady, she was wearing a big braids down to the buttocks, hairy students with two eyes, a sleepy look dim.I was fascinated by her, often with their own hard labor in exchange for little money given to her to eat candy.Her family’s vegetable garden and vegetable garden of my house against the evening, we all went to the river Tam irrigated vegetables.When I saw she expressed a bucket, make big braids flying behind floating in the air from the riverbank to the time, my heart mixed feelings.I felt she was the most beautiful man on the planet.I followed behind her, with her own bare feet to step on the footprints left on the riverbank, as if an electric current directly from my head to my feet, my heart is full of happiness.I summoned the courage, in a dusk to her that I love her and want her to marry my wife, she was surprised, and then they laughed.She said: You’re a toad wants to eat!I felt pride was a heavy blow, but the crush, and asked a sister to her house to propose marriage.She let sister get word to me, that if I could write like her family a set of “Gods” as the book she would marry me.I went to her house to find her, I want to say something to her ambition, she did not come out to me, her home like a piece of ferocious big dog rushed out like a tiger.A few days ago during a speech at Stanford University I say that because I used to eat three times a day dumplings thought on that happy days was strenuously writing, in fact, encouraged my writing, in addition to dumplings, as well as mason’s family was sleepy eyes dim girl.I still have not been able to write a book like that, like “Gods”, mason’s daughter had already become the mother of three children.