Jingzhe solar terms so eat eat pears pears can cure


Today is the Waking of Insects, Jingzhe diet consists mainly of light-based, eat pears and Jingzhe solar terms, it?What does eat pears?Then take a look at the benefits。
Waking of Insects eat pears benefits pear fruit usually used for food, not only taste delicious, sweet and sour appropriate, and nutrient-rich, containing a variety of cellulose and different kinds of pear taste and texture is completely different。 Pear can be eaten raw, cooked food can be。 In the medical effects, pears can lungs, phlegm of cough, laxative, digestion, but also beneficial。 But the pear cold easily hurt the stomach, can not eat。 Therefore, in the usual edible process to hold a degree, to prevent excessive consumption cause adverse reactions。 Jingzhe throttle eat pears Pears eat them for the curative per 100 grams of protein containing pears g, 6 mg of phosphorus, iron and calcium 5 mg mg mg ,, carotene, mg dimension, dimension mg, C4-dimensional mg, Niacin mg。 Chili tongue will have a rough feel。
This is because the wood fibers and stone cells pooled results, can stimulate the intestinal tract, eliminate constipation。 Vitamin C Pear ^, is the patron saint of cardiovascular patients。 Elements of the patient's heart health。
Raw or partially cooked pear, has the role of radiation, ripe pears require a large amount of solar radiation, can effectively absorb sunlight, recently, the US Silicon Valley office decimal pear for major projects radiation, they believe that the radiation pears the effect is far larger than the cactus and aloe vera。
Sweet pear acid, non-toxic, has the effect of thirst, spleen to stop diarrhea, and stomach Jiangni。
Eat pears do not eat less than people who probability Chili。
Therefore, scientists and physicians have called the full range of health pear fruit or comprehensive physician。
Now more serious air pollution, eat pears can improve the respiratory system and lung function, dust and soot in the air to protect the lungs。 Jingzhe solar terms so eat eat pears pears pears can cure Jingzhe Why do you know what is the meaning which it Jingzhe is one of 24 solar terms, every year the sun is the Awakening of Insects time to longitude 345 degrees, usually in March of each year 5 or 6, when the temperature rose rapidly。
So the meaning is Jingzhe: refers to drill into the soil wintering animals are waking up thunder activity。
As Jingzhe Chili, there are several versions: 1.This is because the solar terms Jingzhe recovery of all things!Jingzhe season, turns warm again, in addition to keep warm, but also because the climate is dry, it is easy to make people thirsty, exogenous。
So people known as the Awakening of Insects Chili customs, pear can be eaten raw, steamed, juice, baked or boiled water。 At this time, the daily diet should shun the liver, the Chili helpful temper, so that internal organs peace, to strengthen against the invasion of bacteria。 2.When the ancient creature type more, some infectious diseases and no 100% cure for this day and time is the Awakening of Insects Wan insects awakening, pear and prevention is careful to remind everyone。
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