Waiting is a kind of mood. Maybe it will make you anxious. Maybe you think it can give you a long hug. It is full of moved tears and joy..     If the waiting person is happy, I think it is more important to tell him to cherish his present happiness. For those who play the waiting role, waiting is also a great happiness, even one hour, two hours, one morning, one night … ah, expectation is the hope placed on young people, it carries too much expectation. Or they may tie up your expectations with fame, or they may refine it into a famous saying, silently and forever pushing you forward when you read it..     Once I was held back by the same expectation, and finally one day I was overwhelmed. All my failures were displayed in front of relatives, teachers and friends, so I took advantage of this reason to fly out of the window of the’ study’ and reopen the fairy tale in my dream and set foot on the road of trying to be sweet and sour alone to catch up with the road of finding my own ideal.     Therefore, I hope to stay away from me. I don’t want to have these two words in my life dictionary, because it will wordlessly hurt my self – confidence, and it will even have no intention of hitting my self – esteem, making people deeply realize the pain of regret but hopelessness..     It is said that this summer is hotter than previous years, but my heart is as ice as last winter’s snow. Today’s rain, from last night to now. I have always enjoyed walking in the rain, but I can’t find the most beautiful feeling ever. Today, I am wandering in the drizzle. The familiar people in the busy market are out of breath. The eyes pursued by the crowd are too strange. No one will notice me in the corner. My eyes are covered with a layer of loss.. In the past, the dream city and hometown of childhood were now so strange that passers-by came and went, leaving footprints in a hurry. I was the only one standing in the corner, as if I had really become redundant.. The world is very unfair to me. It seems that I can’t find my own things around me. Fortunately, I still have the blue color that has been with me all the time. Whenever I hesitate, I will look up at the sky, but today’s sky is gray and misty with misty rain.. Indeed, strangers can make people feel lonely. That’s what I am. I asked myself, are you still wandering? Ridiculous! Even my life blue will give me more expectation and add a wisp of sorrow.     Looking forward to, once I wanted to write a poem with my pen to explain its meaning. Once I also wanted to draw a picture to supplement its meaning. In the end, there is no exact reference to explain its meaning. How much I want to give you a song of longing. Unfortunately, I am not a musician. I don’t know how many nights, I have been crazy to write down the mood of expectation. In order to – just let you know, I will always be for you – waiting, meaningless waiting. I only hope that you can still care about my existence eagerly. I don’t need to be arranged by heaven. Please allow me to fantasize about you and let me expect … Ah, until now, dreamily looking forward to shaking for half a year, that you finally dreamily appeared in front of me and thought that the romance that has been continued has broken my heart and prevented me from even bringing back the expectation..     Would you like to think about the feeling of despair and helplessness?     I don’t need you to know how much I am. It would be enough if you could realize what I am looking forward to.. Time, I have to ask you to help me look forward to it!     In 2005, Dongxin Group Enterprise News published its author: Duan Lingjie’s pseudonym: Bingliu