Bank financial yields decline NetEase financial income remained 6.5%


November 21 evening, the central bank suddenly announced that from November 22 onwards cut financial institutions RMB benchmark deposit and lending interest rates: Loan interest rates one percentage point interest rate cut deposit percentage points。
This is the second in July 2012 after more than two years China's central bank cut interest rates for the first time。
The interest rate adjustment to take asymmetrically cut the benchmark interest rate loans and deposits。 The central bank said it would cut the benchmark lending rate is greater than the magnitude of deposit benchmark interest rate, the interest rate adjustment is to improve the traditional way, reflects the more targeted to guide market interest rates and downward social financing costs。 From the perspective of interest rate loans of view, the benchmark interest rate still has an important guiding significance for the pricing of financial products, the more substantial cut its benchmark lending rate will directly reduce the benchmark loan pricing, and promote bonds and other financial products pricing by。
Market participants believe the central bank interest rate cuts aimed at reducing the social cost of financing, and operation of the real economy from the current point of view, the market still expect the central bank cut interest rates again。 For financial products, the end of the investment income down, will transfer to the bank financial products, the average yield financial products continued downward this year, the average income of the state-owned banks to issue RMB financial products, non-structural level has already fallen below 5%, average weekly earnings of non-structural rate of RMB financial products declined from the beginning of% to%, accounted for more than issue is expected to yield over 6% of non-structural renminbi financial products also dropped from over 40% in early less than 3%。
It is expected to yield between 4-5% of the product gradually increased issuance accounted for more than。
Expected average level of income financial products will further downside。 For lower liquidity requirements of investors should try to choose the appropriate term high-yield financial products。 At present, the reporter has learned that the main thrust of NetEase finance fixed rate of return can reach live Paul%, which is rather unusual in the current financial market of high-yield products。 Statistics show that "fixed – guarantee" has two, one is locked 66 days, expected annual rate of return is 6%; the other is locked 168 days, the expected annual rate of return is%, free of charge at any time after the lock-up period receive principal and interest。
According to Netease insiders financial platform, fixed – Paul minimum purchase amount of 1,000 yuan per person purchase a total of 5,000,000, Tuesdays 10:00 on time sale。
The product is available in the market compared to other platforms financial products have a distinct advantage: continue to enjoy higher earnings after the lock-up period at the same time, users can handle as current products, apply at any time for free to receive。 Because this product promise not to invest in stocks and other equity asset class, so the overall risk is low。
Today, together with the balance of income Bao products are generally around 4%, bank financing income is also down 5%, so the income is quite substantial。 (Peng Bin)。