Bixi idle fishing


When it comes to fishing, I think of Liu Zongyuan’s participation in the Jiang Xue Regulations: a hundred mountains and no bird, a thousand paths without a footprint. a little boat, a bamboo cloak, an old man fishing in the cold river-snow. Its people, its scenery, its mood, not’ idle people’ can’t catch the river alone. As a matter of fact, fishing is elegant and interesting, and those who don’t fish don’t know it. Fishermen, every one of these two kinds: one is fish and the other is fish. And I, the heart in fish, interest in fishing. The presence of fish is certainly welcome. No fish, let it be, fun in fishing. Ruixi River, where Ruixi Town is located, winds its way from west to east, passing through the town. The stream flows from south to north, and the stream is clear and shallow. Looking down from the top, the water of Chengbi Creek is like a crystal winding between the green hills.. Here, the green hills are dotted with green streams, which set off the green hills. ‘ Dwellings in North Guizhou” are either hidden in the green hills or standing by the Qingshallow stream.. Yoshida beautiful pool, fertile soil trickling water, seems to have the flavor of’ we watch the green trees that circle your village, and the pale blue of outlying mountains’. In case of clear skies, the scenery is picturesque: the long white clouds float across the green hills. The castle peak is reflected in the stream. The stream, gurgling flowing. The flowing clear stream is singing beautiful songs. I sit by the blue sky and white clouds, warm sunshine sprinkles all over the earth, warm breeze blows my cheeks, and the comforts and comforts are rippling away in my heart.. I forgot to fish and immersed myself in the sunny blue brook. The willow branches hanging on the bank were gently dancing in the air and reflected in the stream by the breeze.. The fish in the water probably want to enjoy the warm sunshine by the stream, like three to five, or a dozen or so, and stay at the edge of the aquatic plants on the shore. Some of them are still and their cheeks are relaxed. Some leisurely swam around in the water. I still enjoy a pleasant time: watching the carefree fish in the water, watching the red dragonflies and grass tips, listening to the twittering birds in the woods, watching the gurgling streams … ah, sometimes looking up at the white clouds floating in the blue sky from the distant sky. Sometimes, I also stood up for a walk, strolling gently on the grass by the stream, or strolling on the bank ridge, looking down at the unknown yellow, red, blue and purple wild flowers, stroking the shy little petals and listening to their occasional whispers.. There are also some butterflies dancing lightly among the flowers and plants. This, where is fishing, is clearly intoxicated in the beautiful green hills and waters, having a colorful dream. I will regain the dream of my childhood, which seems to have been deserted by the years. As a child, in addition to reading books, it was cattle grazing, mowing grass and collecting firewood. Every day after school, three to five or a dozen children of the same age will drive their own cattle and sheep out of different houses and different paths to the same goal.. And then do what they should do. Then three, five, seven or eight, play different games according to their hobbies. The game has lost and won. What do you lose? It’s just a few small stones or’ stealing’ millet from home. Losing face flushed, silent; Winning, schadenfreude, hand-foot dancing. If you lose, you lose; if you win, you win. The next day is still so happy, so sad, never mind. Of course, the happiest thing is a few friends who hide from their parents to take a bath by the river, fish or fish.. First, tell me about taking a bath. There is still a distance from the river. Then I took off my coat and rushed to the river with my back bare. Then I quickly stripped my trousers naked and plunged them into the clear river.. Some floated on the river and floated leisurely. Some came out from far away places. Then I chased and fluttered in the river with a few laughs.. Tired, they all lay on the warm and wet beach, with their hands digging out a small pit in the sand that can hold them, lying back in the pit, and then laying the thin soft sand on the body, revealing only their hands and head outside the beach.. Close your eyes and enjoy the warm sunshine. Or open your eyes and watch the long clouds transform its beautiful posture. The wind, gently slipped through; Water, slowly through. In case of summer, it was a clear sky, suddenly dark clouds gathered, and the rain of beans came as soon as it was said.. We jumped up from the river, put on our clothes and ran away in a panic. When we got home, we were drowned in soup.. If he meets his father’s hard eyes and his heart is pounding, he quietly drives the cow to the mountain.. Fishing is also one of the joys of childhood. At that time, he took the pocket money he had accumulated for a long time and bought a fishing line and a fishhook at the market five miles away..Then I secretly cut down the bamboo sticks from the bamboo forest in my neighbor’s house as fishing poles, which is all the fishing gear I used to fish in those days.. When he arrived at the river, he put on earthworms and threw them into the river, his eyes staring straight at the float made of corn stalk, motionless.. As long as one end of the float sinks quickly, the fishing rod is lifted quickly, and the fishing rod rotates several times in the air, yelling. Sometimes, it’s just an empty joy, the fish didn’t rise to the bait at all. Sometimes, feeling heavy, I saw a circle of white shadows in the air, secretly pleased in my heart, but I don’t know why, but the fish flew again. The situation was as sad as a cooked duck flying again. Most to my regret, the fish have already been caught and dropped on the low grass by the river, skipping, dropping the fishing rod and flying to catch the fish.. But the fish jumped into the river again and watched panicked and fled to the distance. I wish I could plunge into the water, grab its tail, hold its body, and watch it shake its head and wag its tail as it stares at its eyes.. Maybe it’s because of fishing skills. Sometimes it’s three to five, sometimes it’s ten. However, the sense of accomplishment is self – evident. At that time, living conditions were extremely poor. The only thing to eat is a full and hungry meal, not to mention no oil or water at all. Fishing fish, breaking it, digging internal organs, mixing a little salt, wrapping it with green vegetable leaves and burning it in firewood. Estimated time is almost up. Take it out and peel off the leaves that burn fast. They smell delicious and taste delicious.. The taste, the appetite, may never again. That happiness, that feeling, is now appreciated again. The setting sun is already hanging in the western hills. The fire clouds in the sky are grotesque, which makes me extrapolate my thoughts. Look at the delicate floating, has disappeared. A burst of exultation in my heart quickly lifted the fishing rod. Heavy, fishhooks quickly emerged from the water, but saw a red cloth belt swagger in the air! As for the fish, they’ve already run away, haven’t they! Looking around, only the sparkling river sang a beautiful song that never ceased. And the cool breeze, and the bird’s voice flying home!