Balcony secret


Balcony whispering that the sun was swept away by the long dust of spring, erasing its original glory, only one silver mirror hung on the eastern sky in April. Even the mirror is not as good as it is. You can turn a blind eye if you don’t see it.. Therefore, the sundries on the balcony sparkled, colorful and heard their secret language.     A wooden square armchair I often sit on is full of clothes, cotton-padded jacket to be washed, green sweater and wife’s red coat. And the son also seems to be sending out a new outfit with the smell of fireworks and smoke.. If you squeeze them, you can sit down and support them.. This orange chair was moved from our old home and was one of the few homes we bought when we were newly married..     In the late 1990s, a new bed, a new cabinet with a single door, a leather floor with brown square pattern, a dark blue wall mirror with two square meters, and two hearts hurt and resentful from time to time.. Within 15 square meters of the old residence, mother’s ashes are on the roof, witnessing our marriage. She also blessed her grandchild, who was born soon and grew up.     I looked up at the sun and I could see him. I can also see him at night and late at night. He is everywhere. There is also a washing machine on the balcony, which was bought only after a long marriage, and is now obsolete. Its drying bucket will lose its regularity from time to time, very special sway, somewhat similar to a hidden disease or a diseased heart, making a frightening or at least worrying noise.. Fortunately, the hardworking wife is very good at conditioning and quickly turns it off. Only after it is normal can she peacefully shed a lot of moisture from her clothes.     At last, those bright and clear washing water should be let off extravagantly and let them flow through the tunnel.. It is a pity that seemingly pure water still contains alkali and cannot be used for fish farming or watering flowers.. The fish raised in these humble pots once died six or five heads when I changed the clear dishwashing water, watching their petite bodies and bitter eyes floating in the water in the cake box. I was numb and did not dare to look at them, but quietly threw them away, let alone let my son see them.. The fish, no longer dare to use other water, and some uneasily put the larger fish elsewhere.. A few days later, it seems that it is ok to look at the other fish today and put the big fish back into the cake box.. However, new water was changed again for fear that the dead fish’s soul would defile the life’s fresh breath..     The grass and a pot of green vegetables are far more vital than they are. They don’t use much water. They sprout again in spring. The green vegetables are the most flourishing and full of moonlight, as if I were in a field in the suburbs. Green and pink are everywhere, layer by layer and piece by piece. They are also full of my balcony, like my family at this time, and my thinking and writing.. The drought lotus wanted to die, but when she bowed her head and looked carefully, she broke ground and did not die in the harsh winter. I called out to my wife to tell her the secret, but she scooped up a handful of fresh loess with her hands and quietly sealed it carefully as if to herself, pathetic and mysterious, saying, ” This will protect the sprouting buds.”. ‘ I don’t know.     alas! I don’t know these secret words, this mysterious world, how to focus on the eyes can be found, how magic words can be expressed.