Aftertaste invigilation


My fears are in two seasons, one in hot summer and the other in cold winter. It is the invigilation period of the exam at the end of the semester.   I once compared invigilation to the imprisonment of our body and mind by professional feeling.. That kind of unspeakable helplessness is written in our expression of tension and seriousness.   Half an hour before the invigilation, we will all walk into the conference room.. Sitting in their seats, eating the two steamed buns in their hands, waiting for the leaders to rustle their footsteps and dry cough to clear their throats. Finally, in our hope of passing through the autumn waters, the leaders entered the conference room with notebooks and test papers and began to nag us about what teachers should and should not do. In the midst of boredom, we waited for the order to go to the examination room.   As soon as we entered the examination room, our role changed immediately. One was the aunt of the cleaner, looking for garbage in the hallway and classroom. One is a machine that can be used as a scanner, scanning from the first table to the fortieth with sharp eyes. See if there is any information related to the exam, and if there is one, we will leisurely walk to the table and make the book do a parabolic movement to the platform in a winning posture until it is’ cleaned up’. There is no more sound in the exam, just waiting for the bell to ring.   The exam papers have been distributed, and the candidates have different expressions.. Some poised, very proud; Some lament, all disappointed; Some of them took the test paper from the beginning to the end and then buried their heads with a smile. Some look numb, and a pen is repeatedly rotated by the fingers. In the exam, there was a slight noise until there was no sound. And our teacher’s position must be to stay in front of and behind the classroom, unable to move, afraid of distractions from candidates. Can’t make a noise, afraid to disturb the examinee’s thoughts; Can’t talk, can’t look at the mobile phone, afraid of a higher monitor will suddenly attack, with large eyes staring at you, and then be informed criticism at the meeting, let you ashamed.   After much thought and expediency, I found the bench from the corner of the exam room, blew the dust off it and sat down. Although it is a bench tailored for students, occasionally there will be a ” three legs” phenomenon, but if you want to stand up for an hour or two with unyielding spirit, I believe you will still choose to give in and unyielding perseverance will betray you..   It’s time to think about how to get through this boring invigilation. Or sit down first, put one leg on the other, and then start looking left and right, looking in all directions. At this point, I envy the candidates, they have something to do, and what about us? How many minutes and seconds should I spend! Simply, stretch the’ goose’ neck to look at the examinee’s test questions. However, the examinee was not generous and sealed the questions tightly with his hands or books.. I shook my head and thought: All right, all right. It’s time to change this leg and put it on that leg, and put your hand on it, by the way.. Suddenly I saw something black and dirty in the fingers of a fingernail, and my eyes were shining like when I had no hope of finding a job for a long time. I was suddenly notified to go to work and was overjoyed.. So, I took turns bombing the nail seams one by one, and I didn’t give up until they were all clean and my face had a satisfied smile.. At this point, I secretly took out my cell phone and pressed the cell phone key. I found that the time had moved a little so stingy..   Change your posture, your legs are numb. I lost my graceful image by stretching my legs and abandoned them. Stand up, twist your waist in place, three times left and three times right, then turn your neck several times, several beats down, and suddenly you feel very dizzy. Think about it, it’s better to sit still. I began to suspect that the invigilators of the past few years had passed like walking dead?   Doubt made me have to remember. Memories are wonderful, and I began to like the word. It is gentle and amiable, it is fragrant and charming, it is unfathomable, and it has great magic power to immerse me in the time of memories.. Because of it, let me suddenly feel that when the body is greatly bound, the mind will yearn for the cruising of thinking more..   I thought of the last invigilator: Sitting still, I always have many scenes in my mind, and I connected them with sentences in my heart, resulting in the birth of the night regulations.. Now in retrospect, the mood was still excited and I almost forgot my form. I quietly hid joy in my heart, and my facial expression began to glow irrepressibly, and my heart began to fluctuate.. I also remembered whether my unfinished article should be given up or not, which is the so-called ” one – upmanship”. When it is renewed, my mood will be different, and the taste of renewal will change away from the original authenticity. I think like this, my uneasy heart will be suddenly enlightened.. Suddenly feel, thinking rarely so active, just think about what you have done wrong in the past 30 years and what is worth doing. After a deep thought, it ended in a fiasco. We wander through the world of mortals. How can we use this brief moment to solve our life-long problems?? Perhaps, we have to spend all our lives to sort out and untie the cause and effect of life and the crisscross fishing nets one by one!   The thought of life inevitably came to a halt again. Life, a few words composed of paintings, condensed all of us. Life composed of the second voice and the first voice, reads illusory, like floating clouds, but it can tell us all the joys and sorrows of our life. It is also a feeling that we can’t tell.!   Only five minutes left before the whistle sounded. What should I say to time? When I look forward to its rapid progress, it dawdles. When I neglected to forget it, I urged me to wake up from my dream again.   In the backward time and the forward future, I thought of Lin Qingxuan’s saying: ” Live soberly in the present.”!Although I can see many achievements in the future, they have all become waves in the long river of time.. Although the head can see more scenery, everything is in the fog. Only by living seriously in the present moment and looking down at your steps can you get out of the fog and meet the gorgeous scenery. Or scooping up a hidden moon, or picking up a mirror flower.   The invigilator is coming again, and I will treat it with ease. Perhaps, I should take the wooden fish that is often found in the temple and the giant eyes of the wooden fish to remind me that I should also restore Ming Che’s function as a portrait in the limit of the prison of painting. Let it use its eyes to look at us who live in the world of the Five Turbidities. How can we wash our hearts endlessly.