A man standing on the top of the mountain


In Urumqi, I have been used to going through all kinds of hardships and hardships, silently walking to the towering mountain tops. I can struggle to climb to the top of the demon hill opposite the school, I can climb to the top of the hill in the outer suburb of bogeda, and I can even go further and climb to the more spectacular and breathtaking mountain … ah, there are many such experiences, so it is hard to avoid feeling angry with me.. I mean, a person should not only meditate and live in a depression, but also be used to daydream and watch on the top of a mountain.. This is very important to the growth of my mind, because I don’t know what else I can do except break through, run away and watch in the gap between the rise and fall of the world of mortals..     One year in the late autumn, I got on the bus bound for Bogda Mountain and left the bustling Urumqi.. On the slowly rising Panshan Highway, I felt the sky was so blue and the clouds so white that even the mountain breeze pouring in from the open window had a faint sweet taste.. I feel that the heavy soul in my body floats like clouds in the sky. For many days, I used to bury my head in the dust, and my covered eyes saw what was right and what was wrong in the crowd, ignoring the tranquility, freshness and beauty of nature.. Now I’m well, I’m climbing up the road to the top of the mountain in my mind and to the top of the mountain below the clouds.. My impetuous soul, therefore, has a rare joy, enrichment and magnanimity.     People who walked out of the bus went to visit Tianchi in succession. I am not, I am like a loner, I am like a person far away from the world of mortals, I silently walk through the dense jungle and grass, a person struggling to climb up. When I finally appeared on the empty top of the mountain, I was still very happy and surprised, although I was breathless and tired, and my back was sore and sore.. I didn’t think that I could stand so high, I could step on the majestic mountain under my feet. Before that, I only looked at the distant Pogeda Mountain from a distance. It is more like a god, an incomparable god of nature who will never yield, in my pious and awe-inspiring watch..     I stood on the top of the mountain, the wind coming in like waves, tearing my hair again and again, my hair singing and dancing happily in the cool autumn wind.. I felt that the wind was tearing away my fiery chest. I looked at the foot of the mountain and my eyes were as long and clear as moonlight.. In my surprise, I found that although I was small and eventually short in the earth, the world was so vast, deep and broad that it could not reach the end.. I looked up at the sky with my neck raised, and then I suddenly understood the real meaning of the sky. At the moment, I will crawl under the soles of the feet of the sky like a layman on a pilgrimage. I think as long as I stretch out my hand, I can hold a white cloud and gently wipe my wet face, eyes and heart with it.. The most fascinating is the color of the sky, which is very pure in light blue, like a huge sponge, which can squeeze out bright dark blue ink with one hand … Ah, I have stood on the top of the mountain all afternoon and meditated all afternoon.. I know that my meditation comes from some mysterious force, from the love of nature and the power of awe.. Just like the snow lotus I saw by the snow line, I knew what kind of faith and courage it was and let this holy flower open here without complaint or regret with only such a short look.. But I don’t say that I am used to communicating silently with plants without language function.. Just as the snow lotus on this mountain is worth looking up to, I am far less pure, indifferent and dancing than it is.     It’s almost time for the bus to drive back to the city. I walked slowly down the hill to let myself stumble into the quiet grass and jungle and into the red and clear sunset … Ah, sitting on the bumpy bus, I looked at my feet doubtfully as if asking: Did I really stand on the top of the mountain?? The cool breeze poured in through the window, and I heard the noise of the heart, the babble and the incomparable real pleasure..     Many years later, the mountains I have climbed are far away from me, and the scenery I have seen is far away from me. I was sitting in a wheelchair with eyes like autumn waters. I was surrounded and locked by the surrounding mountains. I could no longer stand tall and straight on the top of the mountain with my once strong legs.. The thought of these makes my heart very sad. I watch the god of nature, as if touching one of my sensitive nerves. As I predicted, no matter how anxious, tossing and turning and disconsolating I am, I can’t go back to the past and break free from the broad merciful embrace of the God of Nature.. This is a fated thing. Although it is impossible to see the small mountains in a glance and release the pentium’s heroic spirit on the towering mountain tops, it is not enough to regret it.. I can weave the mountain tops I have seen into landscapes, and none of the landscapes will be old or dim in my memory.. That’s all I can say. 1500 words