It was a rainy day, with the endless rain hanging down, like thinking of infinite worries. The air was so silent that time seemed to stop.     However, a sudden gust of wind tore up the rain curtain and scattered the bead curtain, just like my mood……     This is a story about brother and brother. Want to come, it’s nature to play games with people, between brothers, the relationship is really mysterious. When they were young, when they were still in their infancy, each was the heart of their parents. I grew up slowly under the care of love and learned to love at the same time.. Love your parents, yourself and your brothers. Therefore, there will be a good story about Kong Rong letting pears. Kong Rong is often praised in the book for being polite when he was a child, but I stubbornly believe that it is love between my brothers.. If a brother is bullied, he can insert a knife into both sides. If a brother is hungry, he can do his best for it and even give up everything he has…… When I was a child, it was common for them to walk side by side, live together, study together, play together, and have suffered hardships together.. So they vowed to treat their brothers well if they developed in the future..     Between the fingers, the brothers grew up and each had his own life. They are all busy and busy for their lives. They don’t know which year, which month, which day, which time they will suddenly think of their brothers.. Those childhood memories still exist, and those once grandiloquent words have not been forgotten. I don’t know all this, because I’m not a brother or a brother.     However, one thing I seem to understand is that becoming a family brother seems to be different from the past. The distance between them is often decided by their wives, but they become followers.. In this view, the human brotherhood, not sad.     After the wind has passed, let the rain continue. Don’t disturb it.