All the wine spirits in the dust


The news of grandpa’s death was also thanks to my unreliable old watch. He asked me when I would return that day.? At that time, I didn’t think so much and casually said, ” I’ll go back in the winter vacation at the end of December.”. After a while, the old watch asked me a few more questions, so there was the following dialogue.   ‘ I’ll be back tomorrow night. I quit my job? No, your mother didn’t tell you? No. Grandpa? ” ” ” ”.. ‘ The result was that my old watch didn’t return to me, and it was already very late at the time. I could only press down the panic in my heart and didn’t call my mother, but there was a faint answer in my heart..   At the end of last year, my father and mother discussed receiving my grandparents to my family for the New Year. My grandfather was worried that he might have an accident in my family, so he didn’t come..     My grandfather drank heavily all his life, drinking a cup or two a day, as if he were a wine fairy in the dust, enjoying himself.. Grandpa and we all told his story at the dinner table after drinking a little wine.     Grandpa was born in a landlord’s house in Shigu, and his father raised a child bride for him, five or six years older than grandpa. Later, grandpa tore the deed of sale and let the child bride leave the sorcerer’s house. If not, he would not know my grandmother, such a good woman, perhaps this is the so-called fate.   Grandpa is free by nature and likes to travel and make friends. After a lot of suffering, I have been to many places. My grandfather’s stories in his youth were always endless. Unfortunately, I heard them at that time and could not remember them later.     When I was a child, I liked to go to my grandparents’ house to play. At that time, they lived in a bungalow on the sluice gate of Shigu River, with a simple layout inside. There is a TV set, a table, a bed, a light fan and a refrigerator in the two small rooms.. There is a firewood stove, a makeshift chopping board and a cabinet in the long room..   I’m curious about this house and I’m afraid. Curiosity is due to the structure of the house. There is a small river under the house. The gate in the middle of the house controls the river below.. Stay in the room, you can hear the rushing water.   Fear? It is from the story of’ water monkey’. grandma told us that there are water monkeys in the river in order not to let us swim in the river. they are very strong and will pull people into the water until they drown. Despite our fears, we still secretly went swimming in the river until our grandparents found out that we were reluctant to leave the river..     Grandpa has two gardens, one next to the house and one in Jiang Xinzhou. The garden next to the house has vines, date trees and a pool of lotus flowers. There are milk pear trees, mulberry trees, chestnut trees and a bamboo forest in the garden of Jiang Xinzhou. Both gardens have some vegetables to eat at home.   In summer, we will go to the pond to collect lotus seeds and catch frogs. During the period from summer to autumn, fruits are always eaten incessantly, sweet dates, mulberries, sweet and sour grapes, milk pears, and chestnuts that can be eaten raw, boiled and parched.     Raising livestock is a big favorite of grandpa. he has raised chickens, ducks, geese, dogs, cattle and sheep, etc. Grandpa raised these livestock, mostly at a loss, but grandpa enjoyed it. We can all eat the livestock raised by my grandfather. The best thing to eat is delicious steamed goose meat with rice flour.. The most lively is dog hot pot, with two big round tables and three generations together.     Later, the two uncles built a new house and took grandparents over. Both my uncle and aunt live in kowloon. grandpa often goes out for a walk alone. he is tired of walking. he goes to whichever house he wants to play, but he is also at ease..     Grandpa is lucky. He has been in good health all the time. He has not had a serious illness. The only injury was due to being hit by a car.. After two months of training in the hospital, he was able to get out of bed and move around.   On the morning of November 11, grandpa came back from a walk outside, drank a little wine, lay in bed and passed away peacefully in his sleep without much pain and suffering..     When I attended grandpa’s funeral, I seemed to see the scene of me and grandpa drinking. He hardly moved his chopsticks and only cared about the wine in his cup. We drank wine and listened to grandpa tell us about his past.