What kind of food with you teach nutrition can heal


What kind of food can heal with I believe many people know that there will be a lot of food mix together different role, but also a lot of treatment, then what kind of food can heal together with the small series to see what kind of food and energy mix introduce medical treatment!What kind of food with care can cure + ginger: Winter tonic high quality goods, can cure cold sore lower back, limbs rheumatic pain。
Nutrition Principle: lamb can make up the blood and warm yang, ginger has pain rheumatism and so on。
With the food, the taste of ginger, etc. both to Xingshan, but also help to lamb Onyang dispelling。
+ Chestnut Health effects: blood and self-cultivation, suitable for people of anemia。 Nutrition Principle: virtual chicken for the treatment of blood products, chestnut focuses on the spleen。 Chestnuts roast chicken is not only delicious, hematopoietic more powerful, especially in the old hen burned chestnuts better effect。
Liver + spinach health effects: prevention and treatment of anemia。 Nutrition Principle: liver is rich, B12 and iron and other blood raw spinach also contains more folic acid and iron, two types of food with food, a dirty one element, complement each other。 What kind of food with health benefits can cure fish +: delicious ,, can prevent a variety of bone disease, such as rickets in children, osteoporosis。 Nutrition Principle: tofu contains a lot of calcium, if a single food, the absorption rate is low, but eat with fish rich in vitamin d, absorption and utilization of calcium can play a better effect。
Tofu + radish。