Fun in marriage


Fun in Marriage Author: Ying Jiao / QQ: 1670403438 Remember when her daughter was over two years old, I once taught her a lesson. When she heard her husband’s voice coming back from work and driving into the gate, she rushed out and cried and said, ” Dad and Dad, change your mother and change her new mother.”! She didn’t cook for me or hit me! Looking at the husband’s pityingly holding his daughter together and cheering her up, I sigh with emotion, saying that the stepmother is hard to do, and the stepmother of the little princess is even harder to do! Later, my husband worked in other places and called the first sentence of each call to ask,’ How’s the family? The second sentence will ask, ” Is Eva good or not?”? Every time the sky changes, I will definitely make a phone call and ask carefully what clothes have been sent to the kindergarten, I often get angry and angry: ” I’m not a stepmother.”! I personally care about her. You don’t rest assured?! Oh, when we were young, most of our families were strict parents, and now the world is really reversed. Men love children, and the days of the stepmother can be imagined. Ha ha, warn you, live a good life, or you will not be happy when you are a stepmother or when you face a stepmother.. Once I was in a hurry and handed the child over to her grandfather to take care of it. When I came back, the child quickly got bored with staying in my arms. I asked her to go to grandpa and I had to go to help the neighbors later. She cried, ” No, grandpa just hit me.”! Ha ha, amused all the people present, everyone said one after another that it was good to kiss the family, otherwise this sentence would not be a disaster. The child is loose and orpiment. Every time she says something, I need to turn it upside down several times before the answer is credible.. Besides, grandpa how willing to beat her! At that time, although my husband’s salary was not high, I was also very hard with my daughter and son, and I had never thought about flowers and wine in a famous car and mansion, but my heart was steadfast. My husband was very family – friendly, and he took out the salary card from ICBC and put it in Xinhe, and made it a ten percent discount because we didn’t have ICBC or ATM, so let me take the passbook. He took the card after work, and the password was our common day.. It touched me all my life. Although I don’t have much money, I am very satisfied, and no second person will do this to me. The day before yesterday, he changed his new mobile phone and broke down when downloading the software. I leaned in and saw that the screensaver was our wedding anniversary photo and was moved for a long time.. ( prose net: World Wide Web. Three articles. Net ) Since the summer vacation, my son likes to play with the buckle farm, shouting all day long to steal vegetables and vegetables, and he has even risen to a level 9 by his feeling of disorder, which is better than me. The other day I heard my daughter yell, ” Eva, you dare not buy any more. If you buy any more, you will run out of money.”! ‘ think of real daughter but how many spend how many risk – averse, how to surf the Internet will make money? Laughed at me. Shh, I saw my husband also calm down and listen to the conversation between his daughter and his son to tease the dead.. We have heard the waterfall of Liuquan, the singing of frogs and birds, and the wind and rain, and later thought that there would be no romance to listen to except pots and pans and symphonies and children’s crying. Today, we understand that marriage gives us another special romance, only the romance we can enjoy, that is, listening to children’s really lovely conversations together.. Children know much more than you think, and it is also a pleasure to grow up with them. Alas, although, like all families, there will be many contradictions that people can’t bear occasionally, if they leave their original families, they may be rich in material resources and good in people, but who will be the family members of the children?? Who will treat the children selflessly like their loved ones in their bones forever? In many people’s opinion, the road of marriage is not going down, and I insist on it. Because in my opinion, the most difficult way to go is the marriage road formed by complex family combinations. Tianlun’s happiness is based on family ties. If there is no family ties, there will always be suspicion and insecurity everywhere. What about Tianlun? He Lezhi has? There are many unfortunate marriages among the predecessors that were lucky to be reorganized, and some natural disasters caused by man-made disasters, but in the end they all should have an old saying – eat upside down and eat the first bowl of rice delicious.! Even if it is carefully mixed with good condiments, it will not taste the first bowl of rice, nor will it feel good when it is first tasted. But those who understand this truth also lament that it is too late. Marriage gives us the most precious things: common family members, common responsibilities, common interests and common goals. From comrade to marriage, he is now a true comrade in marriage. Author: Ying Jiao / QQ: 1670403438