Good deeds are ” good causes”


To be a person, one must strive to be true, good and beautiful. Giving people roses has a lingering fragrance. If we pay, we will certainly get something. If everyone does this, then society is a stable and harmonious society.     It is not easy to be a human being, and we need to spend all our life studying it.. In the course of our growth or at any moment in our life, we need to constantly correct our words and deeds so that we can integrate ourselves into the stage of life with the true, the good and the beautiful and win the trust of society, life and others..     From the moment we came into this world, we have used our pure heart to feel parents’ body rumors and teachings and to hear all kinds of human behaviors.. Parents’ education is the best example. It is that they have instilled kindness, tolerance and love for life in all our bodies and minds, as well as in our studies. They have also received a deeper education from teachers about life, so that we can gradually understand the truth of life and philosophy of doing things.. This stage is of great benefit to our whole life, because knowledge gives us the ability to be human capital and identify behavior, and also lets us know what life is..     Only when the goal of life and life are combined together can we have a good hope. When we take part in the work and really step into the society, after hearing and seeing all the real life of people, we will deeply feel that it is not easy to live and live, just to warm others with a kind heart of our own, in fact, it is not always the case.. Because beauty and ugliness coexist, and falsehood and truth coexist, the life at this moment is really helpless, and the selfish side of people will be revealed in front of you.. Too many times we have to become sophisticated in order to survive, which can be said to be a helpless act in life to adapt to life and society..     Life needs us to constantly learn to be human, but being human sometimes makes us never smooth in life. This requires us to learn to be human all our lives, and to strive to be kind and plain is the most true.     To be a person is to be an honest man. To be a person cannot satisfy people, but it is true that I should have a clear conscience.. Naturally, to do things regularly without violating the principles, you should first have your own thoughts, opinions and opinions, and do not violate the principles and morals of being a human being. If you can do these things, you can be true.. The most important thing to realize a person is his sincerity and trustworthiness, his willingness to help others, and his sincerity. Your sincerity will show up and you will find the true happiness of a person..     To be a human being is to say’ good is rewarded with good. ‘ Speak” All evils are not done, all good practices”. Therefore, we should be warm – hearted, care for others, sympathize with the weak and have everything with love.. Buddhists are most concerned with karma, exhorting people to be good and saying’ My Buddha’s Compassion, Purdue All Living Beings’. Of course, Confucianists also speak of goodness and love the benevolent, but the core of Confucianists’ appeal is not goodness. Therefore, we should choose good people to pay, choose good books to read, choose good words to listen, and choose good deeds to do.     To be a person, one must speak ” harmony”. Is to speak of harmony between heaven and earth and between man and nature. The harmony between people is to have’ rites’,’ have’ and’ points’; The harmony between man and nature is the unity of man and nature, the harmony between heaven and earth. The harmony between man and his heart is to cultivate one’s morality and keep one’s family together, and then rule the country and level the world with opportunities.. This requires inner harmony and beauty. It is beautiful to achieve harmony between people. It is beautiful to be in harmony with nature. All three have been achieved, that is, a better society.     Of course, Confucian things also have their negative factors, such as emphasizing the hierarchical system and emphasizing the weakness of inaction, in order to strengthen the position of the ruling class.. But they cannot completely deny what is positive because they have negative things. It is very positive for people’s education and for people’s pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty.. We should strip off its ugliness, inherit its true, good and beautiful things, unify the true, good and beautiful, and practice it.     The best way to do this is to help the orphans and the poor directly. Although this method needs to pay property, it does not necessarily require a lot of money, but it can be done according to one’s abilities and be blessed without limits.. From time to time, we can see in the newspaper news that the newspaper is appealing to the public to understand their kindness, or that so-and-so people in so-and-so areas have lost their livelihood due to accidental death, or that so-and-so people are helpless in old age and disability and have to beg to lie on the streets, suffer from hunger and cold, or that so-and-so people can not afford to be ill for years, have no family to depend on, do not have two meals, suffer from poverty and illness, and suffer untold hardships.. Many charity people understand the charity and transfer the remittance from the newspaper to the lonely poor. These charity people are planting Futian widely and are planting boundless blessings for their future.. The size of ” Ford” is not measured by the amount of ” good money” but by the depth of ” out – of – mind”. Therefore, the donation of good money can be done according to one’s ability.. As long as the benefactor always cultivates this kind of compassion and does not miss every opportunity to do good, the amount of good money is not limited and he can do what he can, then Ford’s work cannot be counted on.. If you have time, you can personally hand over the money to the needy and visit according to the address in the newspaper. After witnessing the miserable situation of others in person, one can cultivate one’s compassion, which is bodhisattva’s. Don’t leave your name when you donate money, and don’t show kindness to others, so that the beneficiaries won’t take it to heart. This is ” giving without giving”, and the merit is even greater..     Always be thankful and humble. There are often people in life who have a surplus family, are successful in their studies and have a superior job, so they regard themselves as superior to others and have a proud and slow mind, thinking that they can enjoy splendor and wealth according to their abilities, which often become obstacles in the future.. If you fail, you will wake up to your own insignificance. There are also some talented people who have outstanding abilities but are always grateful and modest, treat others equally and are willing to give back to society..In this way, the family can be more harmonious and the career developed. In fact, the wisdom and wealth of heaven-sent people are not to let people enjoy themselves and indulge in extravagance and extravagance, but to help those who are poor by their hands.. The more you can share your blessings with others, the longer and longer your blessings will last. The ancients said that only modesty can be blessed. With humility and gratitude, fate will improve.     To do what is true, good and beautiful, we must take the initiative to fight for it and keep ” doing good deeds and planting good causes”. According to Mao Zedong’s emphasis on his old man’s house, ” a noble man, a pure man, a moral man, a man who is divorced from vulgar taste, and a man who is beneficial to the people.”. This is the truth, goodness and beauty of today, and is the highest realm of life.