Doing a good job in mass work is not an overnight affair


Mass work is expensive and lasting. If it is done on a whim, or if it is done on purpose, it is nothing more than grandstanding, making achievements capital, and fooling the masses. ” Fake, big and empty” will only lead to greater resentment among the masses in the end.. Serving the people is the purest party spirit. We should regard doing mass work as a kind of spiritual practice and constantly improve ourselves and purify our hearts for a long time. Only in this way can we truly live in the hearts of the masses and the masses will be truly satisfied..     At present, some cadres always think that mass work is going down to the grass-roots level. Villagers’ homes are called mass work when they walk, eat a meal, take a few photos and leave a little money behind.. This is not true of the mass work. The mass work should be one with the masses. The masses are me and I am the masses. The best way is to observe the people’s feelings more deeply at the grass-roots level and put in their true feelings in the mass work. They should not work perfunctorily to finish the work. They should think of what the masses think and solve the difficulties of the masses. While working normally, they should try their best to avoid interfering with the daily life of the masses, maintain a harmonious relationship between cadres and masses, and establish a friendly harmonious atmosphere of mutual help and mutual assistance among family members in the world..     Gold cup and silver cup are not as good as public praise. Whether the mass work is done well or not cannot simply be done by looking through the ledger to see if the infrastructure is perfect. Want to know, money can improve a place’s facility construction in a short period of time, and the ledger can also be fabricated in vain, but the change of a place’s mental outlook requires long-term emotional injection.. To strengthen the inspection and assessment of mass work, we should pay attention to performance, how many difficulties have been solved for the people, how many things have been done, and what is the reputation of the local masses for cadres?.