Behind Life ( 2 )


For a long time, what has been valued for me is not the so-called successful people who embrace flowers, hold applause and various titles. Of course, they naturally accept applause from all sides when they come to this step.. However, for me, I still prefer the back of their lives. Frankly speaking, if they leave the details of silently giving, caring and caring behind their lives, they may not be able to go today.     Sun Yat – sen, the father of the country, has been committed to the cause of liberation of the Chinese people. In order to overthrow the three mountains that are pressing on the people’s heads, he did everything he could to live a life of exile until the formation of the Republic of China as president.. Yes, Mr. Zhongshan is great, and certainly has become the darling of the times. On the one hand, it is closely related to his inherent belief and persistent pursuit, and on the other hand, it comes from the support and comfort behind his life, especially the spiritual and physical comfort. Just think, if he left the talented woman Soong Ching – ling who has been well informed and has shown his wisdom, whether Mr. Sun will realize his political ideal may be another question.. Of course, I have no doubt about Mr. Sun’s revolutionary will, his great thought of saving the nation and the people, and his national spirit of anti-imperialism and anti – oppression. However, we should not overlook the strength behind his life, which ordinary people cannot replace.. Judging from Mr. Song’s career, cultivation and life, his ability and charm are not inferior to those of Mr. Zhongshan. In other words, the two men shared the same goal, which accelerated and contributed to the success of Mr Zhongshan’s career.. There is no denying the fact that in terms of credit, there must be Mr. Song’s, even if there is no half, one-third should be no problem..     Next, I would like to mention another person, Mr Lu Xun, whom I have always admired. In terms of reputation, fame and seniority, sir should be said to be a banner of the times. his essay writing is undoubtedly a model of success, not only unveiling the iron curtain of traditional history, but also attacking all darkness in reality. According to the relevant information, Mr. Wang is basically living an ordinary life with two points and one line, of course, this is the situation after having a family.. However, there are two lives standing behind the stable life and life that deserve my attention and appreciation. One is the well-known female student of Beijing Normal University, that is, Mr. Xu, who later became Mr. Xu’s wife, that is, Mr. Xu Guangping. I dare not say that Mr. Xu is Lu Xun’s assistant at the top of his career, but there is no problem at least being a good wife of a xiangfujiaozi. what’s more, Mr. Xu is also a real talented woman. it is not clear that he may become a writer like Xiao hong with his burning talent, but Mr. Xu has given up everything and become a full-time wife for Lu Xun.. As we all know, Mr. Lu Xun is a man of personality and temper. It is really not easy for Mr. Xu to live with him, but Mr. Xu still does not change his original intention and supports Mr. Lu Xun’s work and career as before in obscurity. Their only son is Mr. Xu, which must be recognized by Mr. Lu Xun.. Speaking of which, I would like to say that if Mr. Xu did not willingly give and selflessly give his life, then at least we might not see Mr. Lu Xun’s increasingly mature and acrimonious battle campaign.. If Mr. Xu is the wife of Lu Xun’s ideal and career, or the most direct beneficiary, then there is another person we should not forget. That person is Ms. Zhu An abandoned by Mr. Lu Xun. She and Mr. Xu can’t be compared. No matter from knowledge to learning, but her traditional morality of equality is irreplaceable for Mr. Xu, because of this, Lu Xun, as a filial son, can devote himself to his creative career with all his heart and without scruples.. Zhu An said from her personal fate that she was unfortunate and worthy of sympathy. She can be said to have spent her life in tears and bitterness, but she also deserves the praise and respect of the world like Mr. Xu..     Looking back, let’s see if the story behind today’s life is worth learning and rethinking. For example, one day when you see a so-called successful person standing in front of the media with flowers and cheers, who cares about the story behind their lives. Take Mr. Lu Yao, a contemporary writer, as an example. If it weren’t for Lu Yao’s own clear account of what his brother Wang Tianle did for him from noon in his essays in the morning, perhaps we wouldn’t have seen the ordinary life of the TV series that caused a nationwide sensation and was shot according to his novel of the same name.. Yes, his efforts and pursuit are the first step towards success, but the years behind his life are still very long. Like many details in his life, he needs to accumulate and cultivate, among which the support, encouragement and devotion of the people around him are naturally indispensable.. This, Lu Yao, is also a successful soldier and entrepreneur.. Lu Yao knows how to be grateful and repay his kindness, as can be seen from what he did for his brother later on.. But now there are still a few people who do not forget to be kind, helpful and giving to themselves in the face of success? The reality of life tells me that in order to benefit from it, they can deny their wives and daughters by six relatives, leaving behind a large number of people, holding a small three and raising a golden bird can be described as full of tricks.. Perhaps in their hearts they have long forgotten what happened behind their lives. What kind of work and dedication have changed in essence with the role played by reputation, status and environment!     At this point, it reminds me of the great writer Toron’s remark that happy families are the same and unhappy families are different from each other.. In fact, it is also appropriate for me to use this phrase behind my life: because the life behind a success cannot be separated from the support and encouragement of relatives, friends and teachers, especially the other half of the success is worthy of the attention and respect of others.. Of course, I understand that they seem weak and humble compared with successful people. However, the value of a person’s life is sometimes measured not by his contribution, but by what he has done and pursued in his life, like Ms. Zhu An mentioned above. Of course, she has nothing to show for herself, for Lu Mu and for Lu Xun, but this kind of ethics and spirit is not worth praising.?     As I said in the previous article, there is not only sunshine behind life, but more often tears and sadness, as well as unknown suffering and darkness. As human beings, we should always pay attention to them and love them, rather than just cheer for those who give flowers. In fact, it is no longer important to have one more or one less flower giver in front of the successful person. What matters is how you judge what is happening behind life. This is the key to seeing a person’s life quality, and it is also the touchstone to measure a person’s moral standard..     Apart from the so-called successful people, as far as ordinary people are concerned, there are memories and stories behind every family life that parents cannot forget. Their life in the ordinary, for the sake of their children with hard work, hard work, hard work, can be said to be broken heart. However, it does not seem to be in line with success. It is for this reason that I particularly appreciate them, because their simplicity and kindness, industriousness and kindness have deeply touched me.. It can be said that in my mind, they are the most lovely people, they are the most simple group, and they have all kinds of stories and all kinds of lives behind their lives. Although their values are not comparable to those of successful people and successful families, the meaning of life is the same as eternity and should be recognized by society and children.. If this society can really treat or treat ordinary people fairly and pay attention to the life behind their lives, it is also a manifestation of progress and true civilization.. The question is, do we have any? To be honest, what is missing in our society is this kind of understanding and kindness, so the author appeals to everyone here not to focus on successful people, celebrities and local tyrants, but to pay more attention to those who need attention ( such as vulnerable groups, disabled people and the elderly who are lonely and widowed ). I think, behind their lives, they need not only sunshine, air, understanding, but also care and listening.!