Accompanying the whole life is the mood


Everyone is eager to have a good mood and mood, which is a kind of perception, feeling and exclamation that a person exerts on his heart by various external factors.. According to world medical research, mood seriously affects people’s health. People who are in a bad mood for a long time will lead to various diseases such as stomach trouble, hypertension, coronary heart disease, nervous headache, bronchial asthma and tumors..     Yes, we can’t deny that when people come into this world, they are destined to experience too much sweetness and bitterness and taste too much joys and sorrows, because life and life are so heavy, and we are so eager for beauty and relaxation..     Remember clearly the saying: ” You can’t decide the length of life, but you can control its width; You can’t control the weather, but you can change your mood. You can’t change your appearance, but you can show a smile. People all their lives, parents, children, friendship and all things outside, can only accompany you through a journey of life, but you can’t avoid it all your life. You can’t avoid it all the time, but your own mood is the only thing that accompanies you all the time.. Mood is the only constant wealth in your life.     A good mood may turn war into peace, and a bad mood may lead to a tense situation. A good mood may make you look good, and a bad mood may turn health into disease.. A good mood will bring sunshine to rainy days. A good mood will make the withered flowers bloom brilliantly. A good mood will fill the darkness with light..     Everyone has seen to participate in a dream of red mansions regulations? The granny Liu walked into the grand view garden with her eyes full of novelty and joy, while sister Lin was’ smiling and stupid when she buried flowers today. he knew who she was when she buried flowers in the year.? ‘ the infinite sadness. In the same round of bright moon, Li Bai is’ lifting myself to look, I found that it was moonlight, sinking back again, I thought suddenly of home’, while Zhang Jiuling is’ the moon, grown full now over the sea, brightening the whole of heaven’. Scene is the same, different is the person, is the mood also!     Of course, it’s really not easy to have a good mood all the time.. Good mood is not born, will not fall from the sky, nor will it happen overnight. It is brewed by comprehensive indexes of personality, upbringing, moral character and talent, from gradual realization to insight, from shallow to deep. It is a kind of experience, a kind of detachment, a kind of broad-mindedness of’ watching flowers bloom and fade before the court and following the clouds and clouds in outer space’.     Aristotle said: ” The essence of life lies in the pursuit of happiness.”. Try to keep yourself in a good mood. When you fail, treat it as a kind of discipline. In times of poverty, take it as a pursuit; Lonely, think of affection; When I was ill, I thought I was still alive. As cheerful as streams of water, as flexible as grass, and as tenacious as Populus euphratica. Always remember: With a good mood, you will have youth and health. With a good mood, you have confidence and freedom. With a good mood, you have the most precious wealth in your life!    People do not live long, but live rich. May good mood accompany you through every month, every day, every minute of every year!!