‘ Yunjuan Yunshu” since the natural and unrestrained


Only this document is given to my netizen’ Yun Juan Shu’ ( Li Jiao ) ). The nicknames of inscriptions reflect a person’s comprehensive qualities such as interest, taste, mood and ambition. My netizen often changed his nickname and later used the term ” Yunjuan Yunshu”. ‘ yourself, idle to see the flowers bloom and fall before the court; If you don’t want to stay or not, let it follow the clouds in outer space and roll up the clouds.. This is a couplet of Ming Hong Yingming recorded in Chen Mei’s entry to the secret window regulations.. I can think of using the four words ” Yunjuan Yunshu” as nicknames. I have a good brain! The modern society is changing so fast that this big stage is dazzling. All kinds of temptations are overburdened. In fact, it is a manifestation of psychological imbalance. At the end of the day or care about personal gain and loss. If we look at life more simply and gain and loss less, then we can ” watch the flowers bloom and fall before the court and let the clouds roll with the clouds from outer space”. I admire my netizen very much. She received more than 500 gifts on her birthday. The number of friends, the variety of gifts, and the beauty of rhetoric have created several of the world’s largest. It is really a happiness for a person to get so many people’s attention, because her personality and talent have been recognized by all. I wonder why such a good popularity often changes nicknames to express inner emptiness and impetuosity? Nicknames change and change. I think ” Yunjuan Yunshu” is the best. She wants to use ” simple”, ” come” and ” indifferent” to her future life. Indeed, human society is moving forward and becoming more civilized. However, one of the shortcomings of civilized society is that human beings are increasingly separated from nature. At the expense of nature, human beings are trapped in a secular mire and unable to extricate themselves from it, pursuing external rites and material desires without knowing what is true beauty.. The temptation of money, the dispute over power and the ups and downs of the official career are all very worrying. Right and wrong, success or failure, gain or loss make people happy or sad or surprised or worried or worried or worried or afraid. Once what they want is difficult to realize, once what they want is difficult to succeed, once hopes are dashed into illusion, they will be lost, frustrated or even frustrated.. Loss is a kind of psychological imbalance, which naturally depends on the spiritual phenomenon of loss. Frustration is a psychological inclination, an emotional and profound loss. Losing ambition is a psychological failure, a complete decadence, and the ultimate expression of loss and frustration.. To overcome this loss, frustration, and loss of ambition, we need to be modest and have no intention of staying or leaving.. With the nickname ” Yun Juan Yun Shu”, I have profoundly expressed my attitude towards things and things and to fame and benefits: I don’t like it, I don’t worry about it, I don’t care about it, I don’t care about myself, I don’t care about myself, I don’t want to stay or not.. Only in this way can we be peaceful and indifferent to nature. ‘ Ren follows the clouds from outer space and rolls around the clouds.” A lot of people hide in the small building and become unified, regardless of his intentions in spring, summer and autumn and winter, and do not argue with others in general.. A cloud scroll cloud Shu has a lofty realm in which a gentleman can bend and stretch.. With Fan Zhongyan’s ” not to be pleased with things, not to be sad with oneself” is really the same, and it is also quite romantic with the broad-minded characters in Wei and Jin Dynasties.. It’s easy to say whether you want to stay or not, but very difficult to do. We are all ordinary people. The world of mortals and the colorful world make everyone heartache. Fame and wealth are all you and I want. How can we not worry, not fear, not like or not sad?? Otherwise, there won’t be so many people chasing fame and profit all their lives, not to mention so many people who are frustrated and discouraged.. This is evidenced by the demotion of officials in ancient China. The key is to see how you treat and deal with the problem. First of all, it is necessary to make clear the value of our own existence, to win honors and lose honors, and to be unselfish in heart and wide in heaven and earth.. If there are not too many desires in your heart, how can you be swayed by considerations of gain and loss?? Secondly, recognize the road you are taking, don’t like it, don’t worry if you miss it, don’t care too much about gain or loss, don’t care too much about success or failure, and don’t care too much about what others think of you.. As long as I have worked hard, as long as I have worked hard, do what I like to do, and follow my own path, what is the comment of the outside world?? The reason why Tao Yuanming’s Wei and Jin characters are so open-minded and romantic is that they are indifferent to fame and wealth, not content with happiness or sorrow, and only then can they write free and easy and elegant poems in a calm and peaceful state of mind.. This is the true self – discipline, whether to stay or not. And I thought it was Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty who brought this spirit into full play. After his death, he set up a stele with no characters, and left it for later generations to comment on his merits and demerits.. Not a word, do romantic. This is just another kind of magnanimity, another kind of self – discipline, whether to stay or not. Only by being modest and not wanting to stay, can you be calm and complacent, can you be enterprising and smile at life. Comrade Zhao Puchu, a famous social activist and outstanding patriotic religious leader, wrote in his posthumous work: ” Life is also happy and death is not regrettable.”. The flowers are still blooming and the water is flowing continuously. I don’t know what I have. Who will rest in peace. Bright moon, cool breeze, no worries ”.This fully reflects a kind of lofty spiritual realm, which is self – respecting, self – defeating, and has no intention of staying or leaving.. In a word,’ Ren follows the clouds in outer space and rolls up clouds’ is a true hero since he is free and easy, and a true celebrity since he is romantic!