Call for a good teacher


It’s the 3.0th Teachers’ Day. If I have been teaching continuously, I should have stood on the platform for 2.5 years. Unfortunately, there are too many ellipses in the latter half of my 25 Spring and Autumn Period, implying too much sadness, helplessness and guilt.. Time flies by, making people sigh, feeling that they are unable to do their best and that they have a heavy responsibility to be a teacher. At this moment, they have completely marked a very incomplete deformity for their profession as a bookmaker, and sincerely calling from the heart, wishing more good teachers and friends on our elite campus to bring good news to the students’ growth and adults..     I am a pragmatic and low-key human being. I don’t like to be a good teacher, I don’t like empty principles, what to cultivate pillars for the state building and brilliant flowers for the motherland, these seem to be the ornament of leaders showing off their eloquence and prestige on the stage.. I just want to start from my simple Wang consciousness and from my good nature, talk about the sad status of our education, about the humble exit of our teachers, and about what our children lack on campus..     1..     National conditions determine people’s feelings, and people’s feelings determine the orientation of education. China’s population is large, natural resources are relatively scarce, human resources are sufficient, and jobs, especially those that are well paid and highly paid, are particularly scarce.. Although the gross domestic product ( GDP ) of a large agricultural country that has been poor and weak for thousands of years has been leading the world at rocket speed, although reinforced concrete commercial houses are springing up one after another, shirts are still riddled with holes in the rich brocade clothing, many of the jewelled jewelry are gilded and silver plated, and the metal beetles running all over the streets are often easy to stall, easy to ignite and hard to hit because of stealing jobs and cutting corners.. The most troubling thing for the government and the people is the problem of rice bowls. Farmers need to be urbanized and dressed to eat. The first generation of graduates should have decent and well-paid jobs … ah, back and forth for 20 years, when they were pursuing the elitism of higher education and were admitted to a regular university, their lifetime would be tantamount to winning an iron rice bowl.. It can be said that after ten years of cold window, like the ancient imperial examinations, the imperial examinations were held in Tian Shelang and ascended to the throne hall in the evening.. At that time, the rural people had a sacred worship of the college entrance examination, but the rural education did not make much progress. In the relatively free and lax process, the slightly conscious children realized their ideal of life, stepped out of the agricultural gate and became a family of imperial grain eaters..     With the popularization of higher education, the university campus is no longer so sacred. However, 211,985, the key universities designated by the government have become new favourites. Peking University, Tsinghua, etc. have become the temple in children’s hearts and will be willing to take exams.. With the improvement of economic conditions and the reduction of the number of children, parents are paying more and more attention to the education of the next generation and have the financial resources to supply their children with better primary schools, secondary schools and universities.. As a result, in a few years and more than a decade, our citizens have suddenly become particularly concerned about education, so eager to achieve quick results and pay attention to the success of their children, eager to choose schools, classes and teachers for their children, and even using all kinds of social relations, so that our campus teachers have taken on unbearable responsibilities..     As if the spring breeze was blowing all night, various kinds of training courses have been organized in the society, including summer language training, physical training, music interest class, art interest class, calligraphy interest class, composition interest class, and Chinese learning promotion class. All kinds of masters and experts have emerged as the times require. Education has changed from Shimizu Yamen to a shortcut to becoming rich..     Especially in the early years of this century, in order to attract foreign investment and enliven the education system, the government strongly advocated private schools. Many rich men sold millions to buy some campuses and became the chairman of the school. However, the cold Confucians in public schools who were holding a small salary abandoned the dark and the referendum, and left in order to make their small days more relaxed.. Crosstalk masters have all made up rhymes to ridicule: ” The three robbers are not as good as one buyer, the ten sellers are not as good as the one who runs a school”. It’s really good and bad. As long as you are smart, you can filter out oil and water in clear water, even gold in dry sand. ”. There is also a dialectical question as to whether private schools with large teacher mobility can really bring qualitative change to children who have spent more on training.. I believe that the internal cause is the key to the development and change of things. The child’s self-consciousness and self-improvement and his personal character as a tutor determine the final height of his study.. The strict management of schools and the guidance of excellent teachers can only serve as a fuse.    2.     Children need a good guide because they have little experience and the values of world outlook have not yet been formed on the road of growing up and becoming useful, just as they need a lighthouse to illuminate in the long, slow night.. beginning of life’s sex is good, and children and adolescents are pure and lovely. Unless there are problems with individual intelligence quotient, they can become healthy people under the influence of a good environment and under the constraints of scientific education laws, can do something in a certain field, and can at least become a self-reliant optimistic social person.. This kind of education atmosphere, if relaxed, democratic, respectful of children’s personality, better mobilize children’s interests and hobbies, and carry forward students’ true, good and beautiful nature, has really improved students’ moral standards and the quality of hands-on thinking, then it will be successful and the children who study life among them will be lucky..     However, after all, we are in a noisy and impetuous society. Under the influence of the dirty world, several people can be refined and refined, be kind and selfless, be strict with themselves and encourage others to be right.? As a member of the transitional society, teachers are particularly hard to sustain themselves because they have a low income and are particularly tired of living under the pressure of supporting their families. They have to haggle over every ounce in order to save money and wish to spend half a penny to buy a green vegetable. They have to haggle with vendors for half a day and are derided as ” cheapskate” in the whole society.. In order to make extra money outside the poor salary, many teachers have to put down their gentle airs, set up a second career, open an online shop, have a tutor, sell stationery materials to students, and so on.     Compared with those corrupt officials whose brains are full of fat and their children and grandchildren, the teacher’s small kickback seems insignificant.. However, we are faced with a child who is as pure as white paper. A little carelessness will not only damage his own image, but also play a bad exemplary role, allowing selfishness and unhealthy tendencies to take root in his young heart and cause endless sufferings from generation to generation..     Because our teachers are underpaid, many people do not want to take up the job of offering more and earning less. Therefore, the threshold of this profession is relatively low and the training cost is relatively low, resulting in different qualities of teachers and a mix of good and evil people.. Not knowing whether the knowledge reserve is enough or not and the professional level varies, is the ethics of teachers and the bottom line of being a person. Some teachers are not ashamed of themselves.. Not to mention the animal headmasters and sex maniac teachers who frequently reported in the news that they abused children for their emotional outbursts are the ” fan pao pao” teachers in Wenchuan earthquake. he is no longer qualified to mix in the ranks of people’s teachers. in the face of disaster, no matter how scared you may be, how you want to save yourself, you will also be loyal to your duties and put the safety of children first, because you are the backbone of children and their patron saint.!    3.     Unfortunately, some of the things around me that I have heard and witnessed recently, as well as my own personal experience, have left me with prejudices about some former colleagues, large and small.     At the beginning, I was a junior high school student in a village-run Lianzhong, a humorous English teacher, who gave a lively and inspiring lecture, and we admired his professionalism in that difficult teaching environment.. However, in terms of his feelings, he made me very dismissive of him as a teenager.. At that time, he got divorced and didn’t handle the family conflicts well. As a result, he was going to abandon his newly-married wife and make a lot of noise in our class, throwing the books we were using in class all over the aisle. We were in distress situation, and at the same time we hated this unfortunate woman, we were somewhat dissatisfied with the English teacher.. Also, after the teacher finished his lesson, he would wipe the chalk dust on his hands and squeeze seats with two beautiful girls. We started to surprise ourselves when we saw the strong male English teacher on the short narrow stool and two slim girls sitting close together. Later, only spitting in our hearts, bah! Pooh!!     Later in the study, I also heard some teachers pregnant all the female students, and all the female students were crazy and crazy, so I felt how these guys with animal hearts could preach in front of the children.? After all, those are underage girls and young girls. How can they get down to work?? Ask, you don’t have a daughter? Put yourself in the position, if your daughter is ravaged by animals, will you animals covered with human skin bear it openly in your heart? Scum!     I don’t know whether the two principal figures in my original unit are elite members of teachers or rubbish among teachers.. I felt a contempt for them and wished I hadn’t seen them in my life. A middle-aged man who is full of righteousness and righteousness looks as black-faced and honest as Song Jiang. He looks like a serious business at ordinary times with a rare smile.. However, our old colleagues who knew people very well soon found out the truth of it. The President Z’s adult face is really as heavy as water in front of all our male subordinates, and the truth is that you are convinced and awe – inspiring..However, in front of women, including female students, female subordinates and female parents, he is witty and wise, free to write, witty and quick – witted, and an amiable and approachable image.. Of course, I have a deeper understanding of the boss of the year, because the neighbors of my office are the collective dormitories of four or five newly assigned young female teachers. often, on the evening of school opening, I heard laughter from the dormitory of female colleagues, with boundless scenery and warmth and happiness in harmony. besides the screaming and coquetry of the newly graduated girls, there is also our’ respect’ president z who enjoys eating some pancakes and pickles and making fun of them as if his old man had suddenly changed from over 4.0 years old.!     Another Y principal’s adult was also my senior, who had witnessed his elegant demeanour in the normal school in those days. He spoke like a river and was a promising young man with a vigorous writing style.. After he graduated, he passed through several schools and gradually gained some fame. After he arrived at the middle school in my hometown, he was already a vice principal. In front of acquaintances, classmates and friends, it was natural that he could not avoid the hubris of being a teenager with lofty ideals and lofty goals.. Later, after the headmistress of the front was promoted, he moved his buttocks to the right position, but according to the verdict of the old colleague who likes to talk about everything behind our school, the front one can still cover his buttocks with diapers. This one, even his buttocks, are not covered.. It turned out that the senior and principal had a habit of hooking up with some middle-aged women to commit adultery, but he was a wonderful flower among the scum. He spared the flowers of his motherland and vented his animal desires on some women of the same age and even older than him, and also accumulated a little virtue.. I’ve seen and heard once that I borrowed books from the library, and the No. 1 chief was hidden behind a bookcase. I heard his voice and said hello to him, but only heard his voice. He explained that his trousers had been sewed up for a woman. Ha ha, my romantic senior headmaster, I don’t care what you do when you take off your trousers.! Later, the senior was transferred to another school and had an abnormal relationship with the wife of another old colleague of mine. As a result, the relationship became so tense that he finally lost his position as president.. But such a person still has the cheek to make friends around. I think a poor devil who thinks himself clean should hide from others. It’s really, despicable is the passport of a despicable person and noble is the epitaph of a noble person.. Thick – skinned is really a kind of capital mixed with the world.     During the Mid – Autumn Festival, a large family ate reunion dinner. My nephew talked about his comments on several teachers.. When he was in primary school in a private school, a teacher surnamed Li was his teacher in charge. In the first few years, he treated his students with democracy, class atmosphere was active, and children’s legitimate demands could be met as much as possible, with affinity. This is a comfort and consideration to boarding children, with family-like warmth.. However, at the end of the day, it may be that the graduating class is under the pressure of assessment, or that the teacher is emotionally stimulated by a sudden change of temperament, irritability, and being difficult to get along with.. In junior high school, the teacher in charge at the beginning was also very good. He tried his best to think for the students, reduce the academic burden on the students, and cultivate the children’s autonomous learning ability by using Durango model. My nephew became cheerful, generous and polite, which has something to do with the teacher’s teaching.. However, the teacher in charge who changed later was privately called a jackal by the students, cunning and greedy, color and greedy, moody, violent, and of bad character.. Nephew gave an example. The glass of the class was broken by a couple of boys’ slapstick, and the teacher in charge was immediately extremely vicious, cursing the children for their lack of ambition and losing 10 yuan’s money to everyone.. However, when the school leader came to investigate, he denied in front of the class that the children in the class had smashed the glass, only relying on the wind or other class members to make trouble. As a result, the school logistics had cut a piece of glass and replaced it.. Nephew’s second year of high school can’t afford to drop out of school. If he leaves school halfway like this, he needs to sign all kinds of guarantees, and his personal safety and other consequences are his own responsibility. The school has no responsibility at all.. The teacher in charge began to let him go with great tolerance, without bothering him to sign for protection, and with a kind look of kindness towards others.. When he came to the door of the office, the nephew remembered that the teacher in charge had confiscated his mobile phone and asked the teacher for it. As a result, the teacher in charge flew into a rage, satirizing my nephew for being stingy and making every effort to make things difficult and intimidating, and asking him to sign up and ensure that it took him more than half an hour to complete the formalities and get the mobile phone to leave school.. Just for the sake of greedy for an old mobile phone with a few hundred yuan and being so mean to the students, the quality of the high school teacher in charge really makes people speechless. My nephew said that he only wanted to forget the scene and forget the person’s face ( he added that the old class is also colorful ). I met an old teacher who was young and bright the other day, and he told some normal things in his school.. The third year begins, and some teachers actually bribe school leaders in order to be the head teacher of the third year.. I wonder, the middle school teacher in charge is very hard, besides, he is a senior class teacher, it is too tired to vomiting blood, they are coveting the hundreds of yuan of teacher fees, or really have a strong sense of responsibility.? The old teacher said the inside story: the third-grade teacher in charge will be able to sell the students after next year’s graduation exam. Oh, so, the directors of private schools earn money by enrolling students, and the former senior class teacher in grade three can also sell students to get rich. The specific operation is as follows: Grade 3 senior 3 students are nearing graduation, and all kinds of technical secondary schools and technical schools with difficulty in enrolling students have flocked to a middle school to spread the net to recruit students, asking the teacher in charge to give him a head start, promising heavy kickbacks, with more than one thousand five six hundred for a technical secondary school student, and at least one thousand five hundred for a technical secondary school student.. As a result, many students who have already gone online in high schools have been lured by the teacher in charge with rhetoric to put their files in various technical secondary schools.. The third-year high school graduates are even more successful in getting in ahead of time. They can go directly to college without looking at the college entrance examination scores. Of course, the children enjoy their success.. In this way, a masterful means of sending graduates to the head teacher of the prescribed school can take advantage of the opportunity of the entrance examination for the senior high school entrance examination to earn at least 20,000 yuan and send hundreds of yuan of shopping cards to the school leaders, which is simply trivial.     When I heard this, my cold sweat was a little creepy. How did our human soul engineers under Lang Lang Gan Kun do the business of selling students? I heard in the news that some teachers tampered with students’ wishes. I thought it was an accident and some teachers accidentally made mistakes. I didn’t think it was such a common hidden rule.. I asked my son that he was in an ordinary class in the third grade, and his teacher in charge also vigorously promoted the benefits of the Chinese technical school. The poor child went to a high school and finally went to an ordinary college class. It is better to go directly to a technical secondary school or a five-year regular college class in one step.. As a result, the vast majority of the children in his class submitted to various technical secondary schools according to the arrangement of the head teacher, and only a dozen children were admitted to ordinary high schools because of the parents’ insistence.. This is an open public school, a county junior high school, and there are also such arrogant traffickers. I have seen the teacher in charge, a middle-aged man who looks very kind and gentle, who is estimated to be my normal school alumnus or something. As a result, the future of so many children has been ruined for tens of thousands of yuan. These people are unworthy of being teachers and hoodwinking naive children. They are simply criminals.. My son is not very old, but he has his own ideas. He also has a lot of regrets when discussing this matter. He said that boys have great potential and many junior high school grades are mediocre, but he can suddenly wake up in high school and score by leaps and bounds. Maybe he will be admitted to a good university.. If he was sold to a technical secondary school by the teacher in charge in the third grade, he will be completely finalized and completely explained in his lifetime.. Today’s family is basically a boy, killing the future of the child, and the whole family has no hope. These teachers who sell students to earn black money have not considered it for their parents. Some even borrowed money to send the child to the county seat and to the high-profile private schools, but they ended up being abducted and sold. Why is it true? Those ignorant children were fooled by the head teacher as if they were possessed by ghosts. Their parents’ good advice and good guidance did not match the head teacher’s theory of success, while more parents were grateful for the head teacher’s kindness because they did not have a broad vision. They did not know that these head teachers had sold their souls to Satan, and they had lost the minimum qualification to be a head teacher.!    4.     I hope these conscienceless people will wake up as soon as possible so that they will not have nightmares at night.. I am very magnanimous in my heart, and I will not hesitate to say two words of justice for my children as soon as I can spit it out..     There are also some good teachers who can give us thumbs-up praise. A middle-aged Chinese teacher in a private school, with a meager salary, has the same heavy class duties as a young man, works hard and is steadfast, devoting all his efforts to students, reciting and writing essays one by one, and I am ashamed and unable to do so.. She was in poor health and asked the school leaders not to sit in class, but she never missed her own study in the morning and evening, serving as a model for students. Such a teacher should be the gardener who should accept flowers from children on Teachers’ Day..     My son’s current teacher in charge, who is not tall and gentle, suddenly looked like a senior three student. I went to several parent-teacher meetings, listened to his class management strategy, and listened to the story between him and the students. I was very impressed. He and the students basically have no generation gap, and the students like to play games. He said, I will fight with you after passing the junior high school exams to ensure that few of you can fight against me.. He rarely talks too much about big principles and always puts himself in the shoes of his classmates with his own personal experience.. He used encouraging methods to stimulate students’ bright spots. naughty students will be punished moderately, but they have always been wrong about things and do not insult students’ personality.. Although my son did not enter the senior middle school and did not receive the baptism of the devil’s intense learning rhythm, it is also a privilege for him to meet such a good teacher in an ordinary high school, which is of great benefit to the healthy growth of his personality and the cultivation of his calm and rational character.. On the contrary, his teachers in charge of primary school and the second day of the first lunar month are both strong female teachers, who have always been strict with their students and have more than enough training, but lack of guidance and guidance, and their achievements are paramount. Under the honor of outstanding collectives, they often sacrifice the individuality of many students..     A good teacher in children’s mind should have rich knowledge, should be positive and optimistic, bring students a healthy and lively experience, teach flexibly and variably, make every lesson as full and orderly as possible, and bring due physical and mental benefits.. A good teacher is not only an inspiration in knowledge, but also a guide in the direction of life and a model for students to learn.This requires a love from teachers, treating their disciples as well as their children or siblings, impartial, impartial and magnanimous, offering more than demanding.     Although teachers are also members of ordinary society and need to earn money to support their families, they also have their own hobbies and pursuits, as well as their own relatively free spare time life, once they choose to be teachers, they should be more cautious, more self-disciplined and more responsible. After all, there are hundreds of pairs of pure eyes staring at you, and any negligence, indulgence, extreme and resentment may cause intentional or unintentional damage to innocent hearts.. Those guys who have too much sex hormone secretion and color can be cowherd ducks instead of destroying seedlings in the teaching team. Those who are greedy and obsessed with money are better off doing business and gambling instead of wearing a teacher’s coat and betraying the future of many students without conscience.. And those who are violent and always take students as punching bags are better off joining the underworld as thugs and being aggressive in front of young children, which can only show your narrow and extreme and neurotic attitude..     In our society, we should not regard the school as a factory for the college entrance examination, but put all our eggs in one basket to bet on the child’s college entrance examination. We should make the exam-oriented education really change into quality education, relieve pressure on our teachers, and not always use the ruler of cultural achievements to measure a teacher’s merits and demerits.. In fact, it is more important to teach children how to behave and how to cultivate the basic moral qualities of citizens than to forge children into test machines that can only endorse.. The teacher’s own noble teacher’s morality is the best edification of students’ virtue.     However, our government needs to increase its investment, really put education funds on the cutting edge, and effectively improve the living conditions of teachers, so that teachers can absorb more excellent talents from the three-foot platform, so that teachers can get comfortable in food and clothing, ease in teaching, and get corresponding rewards for their painstaking efforts, and so that every good teacher who loves children will not only be loved by children, but also be respected by the whole society, so as to drive the whole teacher group to strictly self-discipline and self – reliance, which is the key step in our education revitalization..