A detailed testimony of good and evil conscience


When the usual 6:30 out of the district, who lives in the clean fresh air after the rain in the morning, after a force now had a bumpy road to exit the stage of the old mining country of the Great Leap Forward, a white long-haired lion cub What blind dog stand waiting on the road, motionless, a loud boom coax her pattern silk refused to move a step, but had to detour off the move.Chiba 200 meters from the road intersection turn of the road, a little white dog pieces are pressed 100 tons cement truck pull miserable greeted.Rapid and over, pulling Heart of the Matter, which is another accident, a life on the road disappeared, ignored, indifferent, human kind.Heart injustice, once again look back on the scene details, a middle-aged woman walking the street, “who did it?””do not know!Ready to take a photograph, to the web.”So written.    White dog, a fresh life, not human “killer road” part of the car crash maker, RMB fascinated wicked soul is no way the driver killer drivers respect.Created a tragic scene.    This photo is very tragic, bloody, terrible.Sent to the Internet is hoped that the families of these drivers, wife, son, daughter to see relatives and friends, remind your people that the so-called savage mind, the next thing done, perhaps at home, he is your good father , a good husband, he in fact there is another side, you do not know, the ugly side.    These drivers groups of survivors, the future of the dead, do not know the speed limit on the street, Hu horn, often hurry to rush to the crematorium, brush with death many times; always on high beam driving at night, I do not know with near light, regardless of the way the friend of mankind puppy, lack of respect for life is very rude, I do not know wild animals have the right of way, drivers need to respect.Often in order to fuel the rapid spurt in city streets.Which cares uneven pavement, which cares brilliant life, one foot set foot on the throttle, hard acceleration, kill ah, a life lost!    Let us stop the hands of the pen, let’s stop typing on the keyboard, let’s quiet down the heart, as we are about to die, and soon drivers have to brave this world of silence, I wish they obey the traffic rules on the road to heaven, in paradise forever, never to come on the road driving chaotic world, ignoring the life, dedication to do the task killers, dig force is not well off and no one made a huge bonus, drivers no longer do next life.    Details witnessed a part of non-German drivers, the real murderer horizontal portion of the driver, who really should disappear from the earth, sooner or later, is the scourge of humanity, others.    Liu Journey to the West in exchange for a fish with firewood, released.Our human waste was not as good as the wisdom of the ancients, any harm others’ lives.The other side of the visible human, bad, poor, bad.Not reported, less than.I do not know the cumulative accumulation from evil, the world is attributed to flat.Are we going to wait for someone to open the trial of good and evil you do?Friendly is a virtue.Wild life versa.    It was evil since I do not know.To the imminent death nor sleep.Gold and silver hearts full of dreams, full of heart seamless through good light.Lessons around more than great, cold body ignore children.Peng bang several more high road, after the death of the body feel crushed by.Shanghai-Kunming high-speed car accident list.Tajinzaoshi Erming days.Looking at the photos from the nausea, but unfortunately I do not know muddy others.