Women during pregnancy must eat six kinds of food and disease prevention and health


Women during pregnancy is not to collect the drugs, so as not to affect fetal health。
So, how disease prevention and health during pregnancy do, what foods and drugs will affect the healthy growth of the fetus itself can guarantee it?Experts point out that during pregnancy may be appropriate to eat the following six kinds of food。
Best miscarriage food: spinach folic acid most important function is to protect the fetus from spinal division, hydrocephalus, anencephaly and other victims of the nervous system malformations。 The spinach is rich in folic acid, folic acid per 100 grams of spinach as high as 350 micrograms, ranked first in vegetables。
Therefore, experts advocate should eat spinach or taking an early two months。
Meanwhile, a large family of B spinach can prevent pregnant women pelvic infections, depression, and other common pregnancy complications。 Women during pregnancy must eat six kinds of food and disease prevention and health must eat six kinds of food and disease prevention and health food the best anti-premature birth in women pregnant women during pregnancy: Fish Danish expert studies have shown that fish often have a role in preventing preterm birth。 Sidel Islands Danish pregnant women, pregnancy is longer than the average in other regions more than 5 days, the secret lies in a large proportion of the diet of fish, which fish from a particular fatty acid experts speculate that a positive role。
Due to the extension of pregnant women during pregnancy, the baby's birth weight is also average 107 grams higher than in other regions, has laid a good foundation for future development, therefore pregnancy should eat more fish。 Best sour food: sour pregnant women are often interested in food, but also really good for pregnant women eat sour。
Women after pregnancy, the placenta secretes a chorionic gonadotropin, inhibit gastric acid secretion, resulting in reduced activity of digestive enzymes, so that pregnant women decreased appetite, digestive function decline, so eat sour is undoubtedly a remedy for such reactions。
What are the best foods to eat sour it?Nutrient rich, but can accelerate the contraction of the uterus, is suspected of leading to miscarriage, pregnant women, it is best kept at a distance。
And tomatoes, red bayberry,, citrus, etc is acid supplement share, Yi Shi pregnant women。