1,500 yuan love


I do not know when, my family moved next door to a young couple.I am not sure whether they have been married.But they affectionately call each other voice “husband, wife,” I’d like to hear several times the exact.From the accent of view, they should be outsiders.Of course, first of all declare that I am not ‘eavesdrop mad’, persevering, poor sound insulation walls of houses, I could not stop happiness into my ears.Dialogue from the bits and pieces of their lives and talk to them and me, plus I see it, this is enough for me to identify – they are so affectionate.    The first time I heard the dialogue happiness is roughly five months ago, maybe four months, can not remember the very detailed.I was late coming back from work, some of fried rice ready to eat.”Wife, I want you to grow too chubby!”” Hello have brains too!I want to fatten up and then I do it!”” I look how I would not want my wife!” ‘Ha ha’, boudoir secret language between a sweet young couple into my ears.Every word full of the most sincere of the most pure love, so also heard my girlfriend this conversation endless envy.I thought: so happy couple, look like ah?I’m really curious.    Early next morning, I heard the following conversation: “Wife, you eat the fruit on the table, and I went to go to work!””Yep….”It’s lazy heard about the girls did not wake up now.I opened the door, picked up the bag ready to go to work.She saw the boys – about one meter on June tall, cut a flat head, white skin, more handsome, more honest looks too kind.After all, this is not written drama, I tell the truth.He was riding an electric car, just getting out of a few meters, he came back and shouted: “Wife, these days you do not cook, or I come back at night to cook for you to eat!”.Very moved, probably to the girl ‘aunt’ right!So meticulous care, the stone heart will be melted.    I came back in the afternoon, it is curious to glanced at the door on them, it was shut.I also rode electric car, accidentally pressed the horn.The girl thought it was his back, the door was opened quickly.Inside one of the few furniture, an old cupboard, a table and out of the paint, a wooden bed, there is a plastic stool, which is probably all their furniture.I looked at her.The long hair, a pajamas, if a little dress, it is definitely considered a beauty, there are about seven meters tall, higher than some of her husband.I looked at the phone, on Tuesday, today, I thought: Why not go to work this girl stumped?    After dinner, probably eight, I sat for a moment to the door.At the sight of boring in the range of a square meter of a cross with the pace around the girl, from time to time to see the main road necks far, from time to time I looked at the phone, and dialed calls in the past – has been no answer.I guess they should have a computer room or sound like, because there came some of the light music.I saw read, unknowingly after an hour.They looked at the house.The boy has not come back, the girl was still pacing the pace, also overlooking the far.    Half past nine, when white light appeared in the distance an electric car lights emitted.The boys came back shouting: “Wife, I’m back.”.The girl has run in the past, to help him remove the bag.Remove the boys in the trunk of a plastic tape, said: “Wife, I bought you Bubu body to the liver, these days you eat the good.”” Wife Are you hungry ah, I’ll give you eat good food, do not worry Ha!”” I am hungry baby the “only concerned about each other, do not ask for any reason, do not say any reason, the heart have, in their world, only you and me.    Such happiness, I have empathy with the past few months.It is also observed after a few months, I know exactly the girl did not go to work, he has been at home, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning.There are a few vaguely heard: “If I can not find work, I went to a street vendor it!”” I do not want my baby to go to a street vendor, I will support you, you nourished.”” Bad man!”.    I think they are so happy, farming men and women weave, the boys certainly have a good ability to live more moisture it certainly flies!    Until one day, I overheard a boy called: “Brother, you have not found work ah?”” Bar to Changsha!” ‘I can help you think of ways to look at our shop also recruit people do not move,’ ‘We are selling waterproof paint’ ‘is also good, there are 1500 dollars a month, bag lunch’,” Well, when you come to Call me”.    1500, a man in Changsha mix, it can only say that the cost of just enough.However, they spread that $ 1,500, two people, the family also placed a computer, TV – network, telephone, rent, utilities, oil, salt and leading a poor sauce, vinegar, tea, etc. overhead.Their lives should be very strapped ah!The truth is they are so happy, happy, loving.    I simply describe a moment of their lives bit by bit, enough to explain their happiness.    If happy love must use money to measure, then 1,500 yuan may well be sufficient.If you seek is a BMW crying, that you also love to talk about it with?There are many lovers smiling on the bike world, they have the money can not buy happiness.