Look in the misty rain


Look in the misty rain in one day when you see my QQ head after the light turned dark will always remain as a black memory, knowing you hurt?    When one morning or evening and then did not you turn my message accompaniment, you will not slip a trace of sadness in my heart?    When we meet once a truly meets a stranger no eyes, you are not like me bow to ponder?    Internet every day only to find a memory, that was behind the beauty of the encounter would mean endless waiting, like an angel in waiting for the opportunity to rescue the world, like the baby in the care of expecting mothers.The existence of love itself is a dependent, then we will have to wait turned into tears, washed bonds of this life also painted on the end.Still struggling to find my memories, even if there is no end.    Grasp the past, and perhaps the future will be confused, but now stagnating in this athletic side.Past years not figure out how much is left and memorable collection of future bewildering change not to do too much conjecture.The total in the absence of street fantasy of Prince Charming appear; always went into another mythological world when close my eyes; the youth as a total vision of the capital, leaving frantic heart to govern; always crisp bird song awakened, looked blankly in front of branches and leaves dancing in the wind.    In one way street our youth struggling to move forward, with a taste of how much ignorant Sentimental love and hate, we want to break free, we hope to have our own sky, our desire for independence, but still need a night in a wounded you can turn to.This is our youth: we love with people we love, and things, just to conscience, of course, during which ultimately, a self-love and self-esteem; we hate all evil, goodness and compassion all fragile souls.We have the best things: pure, lively, kind, beautiful, holy, because there is capital, we should be proud.    Waiting, sneak in and fought numerous attempts, we have tasted the bitterness of the world.We no longer believe in love, believe in truth, betrayal and deception put on a beautiful pure painting indelible stains, ugly soul dispel We simply believe that the heart of the world, life went into a dark struggle.So we are looking forward to the so-called betrayal is actually a misunderstanding, look forward to behind the deception can express with difficulties, we believe we can look forward to holy ocean again.    Which is not a campaign for the interpretation of a century; none will always be a worried face gloomy; in which there is no sadness it will spread to every corner of life.We just need time and look forward to, look forward to in the misty rain.Remember the drama hear things like: time no permanent friends and enemies, only interests in accordance with distinction.The lives of our young lives may yet go through this experience interests first, of course, we still believe that we do not dirty themselves.Perhaps, in the world who stay for a long time, all will be simply mixed social assimilation, but we regret that we have so believed in, so too pure.    When the world betrayed you, please do not betray yourself.    Tired, lie down and take a break; adjusted to move on, find the true meaning of life.Yes, we loved, enjoyed the most beautiful hand in drawing near; we hated, and I asked God’s injustice in the storm; we have lost, can not find the way forward in the direction of growth.    In the misty rain expectations, reborn in anticipation.