Embrace a touch of autumn in my arms


“When Jun boom year shall be credited to the most is orange green orange”: the Northern Song Dynasty writer Zhongyan politicians wrote the famous Ode to Autumn.But this year’s fall season, northern Liaoning’s very strange weather, westerly windy, rainy, autumn flowers withered, fallen leaves into mourning, seemingly overnight, we must put the golden autumn autumn verdant autumn all away, I am a little anxious, quickly embrace a touch of autumn in my arms, but the Zhongchang.Because I love the golden autumn!I love the magic of Autumn! Fry though brilliant, but too enchanting; although bright summer scene, but too much publicity.So I still like the fragrance of Qiu Ju, like autumn’s subtle, like the charming autumn.After the beginning of autumn solar terms, swept away the hot weather, people sickly sleepy mood immediately cheer up.”Only a Wuye, I do not know how many Autumn Sound”, I often silent parasol tree, enjoy the beauty of tree leaves, listening to Xinyu autumn. After last night, a thunderstorm, campus flower garden autumn flowers and broken one, also accumulate piles of leaves.I’m picking up a string of red petals on the palm, look at Huarong jade loss, sudden and devastating endless sad.So I annoyed since the autumn cold ruthless, falling leaves everywhere, Autumn Autumn sharp drop in and see the trees and flowers gaunt, thin people also followed. God finally cleared, though still clouds shrouded the horizon, but the dome was showing blue sky and white clouds.I walk on campus looking forward to autumn, which Mama would like bright green and beautiful into her arms, enjoy indulging in the heart of the charming autumn. In the northern autumn season is still green, but autumn in the past, things Xiao Shu, withered trees, weeds Duanzhe, flowers wither, leaves scatter, Hongyan Nan go, let all the earth already verdant green of spring and autumn disappeared without a trace.I love the green life, more eager for the autumn precious a fresh verdant Mama, I want to do everything in my arms embrace autumn, leaving a green winter with me.I am a man of education, school season in September is the student, the teacher is the busiest time, I do not have much spare time to appreciate autumn, chasing the green, so I especially cherish and when the autumn meet, especially cherish every times and close contact with autumn flowers, green and every encounter will also let me slam the heart, while his mind the profound friendship of autumn will be long dark submerged AIDS. Autumn Lotus Lake wetland is home to one of the most beautiful places in the fall, “falling clouds and lonely greedy flying together, relaxed and a total length of sky color”, “Every Tree Autumn, Mountain Wei Hui fall”.Lotus Lake Sipan Coronet Emerald Hill still trees, birds and Ming, Greenfield bursts; Wetland Park Lane through quiet mood at the colorful chrysanthemum competing in full bloom, colorful, fragrant smell; the lake rippling blue lotus lake, lotus leaf stand, waterfowl Xiang set, Jinlin swimming, water day phase.Autumn Lotus Lake wetland is as if everything implication A Colorful landscape of autumn are inherent in them, no wonder tourists from all relaxed and happy, amazed, entertained. “Meet not busy go back, something of the past also worry butterfly,” I envy people living in the south, the southern autumn is not only beautiful, but also green long, a long flowering period, unlike our northern Liaoning fall so short, so the fall rush, even feels like a glimpse.Although beautiful bright autumn home, but a lot of people give birth to melancholy, to give birth to a lot of worry, fear and go wake up autumn. More autumn rain washed the sky beneath pure, flowers and trees seems to have become more dazzling lush, relaxed and Huan Huan, the lack of “small high mountain month, get to the bottom,” the mood, but a cold autumn rain, desolate autumn let people felt a chill, I know that autumn has arrived.”Since ancient times, sad solitude every fall,” raw cold autumn will make people sad.September 9 is a very unusual autumn, especially in this year’s September 9 is to make all Chinese people can not forget the outstanding day, today is the death of our beloved leader Chairman Mao fortieth anniversary of the day, so I It was especially solemn and sad.I grew up very worship of Chairman Mao and beloved, his great life and great achievements of the Chinese revolution inspired by the sun and moon, and let the glory.Castle dies, green water gurgling, yo world, Chairman Mao always live in the hearts of the Chinese people, we will always miss his old!Perhaps the world is also the heart of compassion and awe, as the world and people greatly missed and also bearing in mind the universally acknowledged great leader. “A Moment of Romance also the old days, the road we have taken,” Autumn is the season of Him, golden autumn harvest season, autumn is the season of student development, we should be grateful heart to face the fall, we should also in a positive spirit into the fascinating fall in, strive to temper self, selfless work, get results. Off a red maple leaf collection and singing an intoxicated classic songs together, writing a single line of text shallow recorded, embrace a touch of autumn in my arms, so that their life together Swaying.