Do not need to be cleared up in life


Life does not need to be cleared up text / Shannon hit the books we used to put a lot of things to fill their own space, in fact most of them are useless.Such as mood, such as substances, such as emotional. Recently, clean up the house, only to find there are a lot of idle things.They lie in a corner, the same number of years.Just as there is silence, no use.Some even expired, did not opened.Closet, drawer, a lot of useless things occupy a huge space. Clean out those used things, suddenly a lot of uncertainty.Objects themselves can find a readily available, you can not take the time to flip those messy, you can get fast speed things they want to use.Those places have been filled, the air is out of place in the world. Or set a pot of flowers embellished, or put a few of the miscellaneous books thumb through, or is it so empty blank. Necessities of life, it is really simple.A rice porridge, wooden bed clothes and the cost of living is not high, high is our pursuit of material of psychology, make life increases the burden.So we in this load, the constant force.Many people will say never get out alive, it is because too much desire. In recent years, the streets of many shops, day and night are no longer more night, coincides with the holiday, but also the owner of a small shop, and occasionally closed shop, to enjoy the holidays.I remember years ago, our local is no one will be willing to do business is not closed. A long time ago to Macau, Macau streets, very few shops opened, the tour guide said that even if the door is open for a long time, the rest of the time is spend time with family.At that time, I also run around the edge of the vanity, will be busy twelve hours, but now I understand, raised idle in my heart, is a rare pleasant. I remember reading a word, when work becomes necessary, we happy. Yes, I not forced to work, not to mortgage the car to work.When we meet the basic needs of life, and happy to do one thing, it may be more effective in improving quality of life. Clean out some of the unnecessary things in life, we will not feel so tired. There are some in the emotional life of breeding, also need to be cleared up. Alive, it is not easy.No one would say that they live a very easy, we live in a wave, touch roll to climb, where there will be no safe thing?Will be lost, will be a loss, losing, there is parting with remorse, hostile, so we would not naturally have a lot of emotions, depressed, anxious, depressed, and even extreme. So, timely clean up these emotions, go to accepted happened, then the result is also a bad experience.Not pessimistic, do not give up.Beautiful heart lit the flame to illuminate those clear skies.Stuffed with bad mood heart, how can you see the bright moonlight? In many cases, we have to maintain a lot of relationships, sewed, exhausted.In fact, you do not think so important, not necessarily to live a life like Zhongxingpengyue.If we do not deal with tasteless, those times, we can do a lot of interesting things.Planting, crafts, reading, walking, mental health will be a lot of joy. We live, love will be, will be loved.When love, we are wholeheartedly.When not love, we can not help it.So, when still in love, went to cherish each other.When love is gone, waved farewell.Do not immersed in the emotional past years, unhappy.Do not memorable for the emotional and tears.We have to do is continue to the next section of the brave. Learn to make good love, learn to take self-love.When someone love, happiness secure.When no one is love, enjoy solitude. We want to know, do not need to be cleared up in life.Clean-up, empty, forgotten, put down. Live a simple life, with the mentality of the sun, to face this complicated life.You’ll find that life is not difficult, there are many beautiful little things around us. Micro-channel public number: ZL523704792