Chung bamboo (after flowering bamboo concept)


Chung bamboo (after the concept of bamboo flowering) cold and windy knife, destroying everything in a recession, the sky snow lightly, even escapist annihilation creatures die, you are standing proudly against the wind, blowing in the north wind roar, and the world Zhengchun, “Songjukmae” three Friends of Winter your well-deserved.    When spring recovery in the earth, and all were competing blooming, you will be relegated to the side, muttered a blessing for the spring in the gentle breeze in.Many water and land vegetation plant flowers begin proud to beautiful Fang Yan is the highest level, but never to your gorgeous appearance of the company, and always starting from the actual service of human life.Some people say that China is a “bamboo civilized country” because of cultural development and spiritual formation of Chinese cultural history, you produced a huge role in the construction of Chinese landscape paintings and poetry have a long relationship with you, not what kind of plants can like you as human civilization had such a profound impact has been called the bamboo culture.When the paper appears when you are not in the bamboo used only for writing, but to open up more areas of service, you’re always so quiet quiet dedication to human., Never complained, never ostentatious rivalry.No wonder Yin Zheng Banqiao poem “humbly bow bamboo leaf there, proud and free plum flower on his back,” Po Chu, admitted: “Bamboo Solutions guilty conscience that is my teacher.”.”Lu Di Qianfen festival, the wind rolling green Tamae.Yiyi like a gentleman, no land is not affordable, “Liu Yuxi reverence drops directly to your security in the holy shrine ‘Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum four gentlemen of.    Remember when Xie Jin a “mountain bamboo shoots sharp-tongued thick-skinned belly empty” to make things difficult for mocking his officials, Mao Zedong to satirize subjectivism Atmosphere.But they ignore the young shoots when you know how to use thick skin to protect their tender body, with a beak to break through the soil, even if it is rock, no one can stop him grow, this is how wisdom and strength ah.When he emerged would not hesitate jointing up, there is no oblique branches, grew up and became only relieved coat began to grow branches, branches that absolutely clear upward.Strong to be long, and that fortitude and strength of character is more flexible humility is fleshed out.As the ancient description of “early solution sheaths heard rustling, put the tip has shown signs of leaf Lili,” “solution sheaths xinhuang not self-sustaining, has been cold of winter moon pose,” praised his mettle “desolate snow meaning, can not be humiliated fold.Ji bamboo wind has returned, Yi Yi San Sapphire “.    No matter what environment you are always actively adapt, extend efforts to develop underground people out of sight, even if it is destroyed only a short roots, even in cliffs, will grow tenaciously.When food young, growing up as raw material, stay cool and become better animal park.When you feel the life to end, for the continuation of life that you have to bear fruit, but not spend flirtatious, charming and attractive, and never will be bright and inviting, but as your character as extremely simple.Your life savings only strength, to complete the final mission.You do not have the strength to stretch green leaves, naked covered with iron red flowers on leafless branches, she did not beautiful, and even some not really spend too shabby, but she was heartbreaking, because that is the gorgeous bloom of life, It is a perfect ending.They are pests, land degradation or climate impact?People used this as the harbinger of a major disaster, a symbol of impending death, scared, and now has become a reminder of the environment, prepared to deal with warnings.In my eyes, the world is not comparable with any flower you!    bamboo!You have too many good qualities, your ethical makes countless men of letters whom Wing Yin painted, Du Fu could “not off to a Compliment from anger”; Su Shi may “prefer to eat no meat, can not live without bamboo”; “die than change white, bamboo burning section is not destroyed, “Luo Guanzhong put you and jade tied for the life of the model; a” insist Aoyama do not relax, rooted in the broken rock.Grinding 000-1000 Kennedy also strong, Seoul, the East and West Wind “is points to your character and spirit.Today’s society is really missing your quality ah, that is not ideal for children but the star scientists, young love of money but not the concept of social value, are scrambling to when the flowers, not willing to do green leaves , there has been concern Baoqiang divorce than the Olympic Games, Chinese women’s volleyball team of more than 12 years later into the Olympic final, even more than once due to the deployment of an international event in Korea, “Sade” occurred..One wonders why this is the Chinese people?Deng Jiaxian, Siguang, Impact Qian, Peng wood.Do they have the spirit to go along with them yet?    ”Marx lament, France no shortage of intelligent people, but the lack of spineless people.Today’s China, is also no shortage of intelligent people, but the lack of people of faith “This is a big party newspaper pen of Lu Xinning sentence Peking University commencement address on.So I dare you to write “Ode to bamboo,” but I Fucai, I can only change Shu Ting’s poem piety drop tell you: hope and your image as bamboo with roots firmly in the ground, leaves, phase touch in the world.    2017.3.twenty four.A bow in Yao City