Chen Zhihong: knowledge, way of life will be more opportunities


For many people, I was more direct.So it evolved out of a word, simple.But for me directly, I was quite fond of direct like this.What to say.You say it, what to ask what.  Most importantly, like this, a lot of problems, I can understand.Others will not ask, but I will ask.    Every Friday, the company will have a friend reading sharing sessions.Everyone is their company every week to be reading a book.Then summed up that book is to point out the summary.Everyone then shared with the team, sent to the network.  Every time I see them I have a great feeling to share.Not just because a person growing up.But we all grow.    With time to meet him, I said, no matter what you will do well.He said that now the society is changing too fast.Or trying to keep up with the.I said, society becomes fast, you certainly will keep pace.  The book because they are all share, and all will be very system.  So often, I was in their circle of friends to see their share, I can gain a lot of.    From my personal point of view, from the way of life is concerned, I really believe that knowledge.There will be more opportunities.  For example, they can read a book.A lot of things other people did not approach.No way system.Many people are day to day.They will do.The main thing is to share in the team.Then you can hear the inner voice, will progress.  A person can improve a company, we can progress together.Do not be afraid there is no chance.    From a very early point of view, for example, in our village, who has done the best, basically probably are reading the most.  Of course, we can not say a hundred percent, but probably basically.Knowledge, not just reading, but reading is a kind of knowledge, will really create too many chances.We did not see too many people reading is a lifetime in the village, reading is not the same.    Many people in the village, before really very poor.But they are still very hard to let the children go to school.  That is like this, but also a lot of pain enough to make people cry story, then.But now, all grown up.Once those bitter.Now turned into honey, have become sweet.And ever feel good, but relatively little progress.  Can not say no progress, we are making progress.But some did not because the knowledge will be relatively less progress.    Such as our village mayor, before they may also know how to read, do not know maybe.Perhaps also think, even if you can not read or.At least the probability of the existence of.Or, perhaps, they do not want their children reading.  But anyway, that is expressed and demonstrated that their children did not read.  But also because of their relationship.They also went into the eyes at the time, it is a good location.  Only now, many, many years have passed.A lot of people, transcends.    So many people say, experience is important.But I think it is more important than experience is growing.If a person did not grow.Tantamount cycle of 10 years, 20 years in a position, 30 years.It is also of little significance, at least high productivity is difficult.  So a person to improve productivity, innovation must be, must know more knowledge.  Like when we used to do things, we are all by hand, and now we are using a machine.  So, in order to allow the plant can turn faster, higher productivity.Former boss, a machine 300,000, what to buy several units.Because the new things coming.Can really increase productivity, and improve is so little, a lot more opportunity.    So in our village, who is now the best.Basically had let their children have been reading.University of reading, but had to continue to graduate school.Graduate finish is not enough, or to continue a Ph.D..  So, if it is one, not even a group, a village out of a doctor, then basically up.  In our there, many of them are like this.Because many of the latest policy, they will know.Then is the new rural construction.Of course, certainly more than this.More important is that individuals can be with a group, a team of people going up.    Just graduated from university at that time, go out with friends, I would like to ask some questions.For example, how to do this, how that is done.Then the result is kind of how.There are times, I went out to play with a boss.He was very embarrassed.  So he politely said later, he said, go out with me most happy, because he wanted to know do not ask, I asked.  So why do I have to ask it.To come back to write articles.    But be honest, that I am more direct character, so every time someone else always makes me write articles.For example, write a summary that is, they are waiting for me to write is finished.The meetings are the same, are the same things.  So, sometimes I ask, really have more opportunities.Because you put the text written.Others will see you.When you’re a small team in the written text.So there is more chance.At least you would think to write text.    Of course, this is a more basic.We must also, is very simple and will do.  For us, we want to move towards a higher platform.For example, we are going to learn a lot of knowledge.We’re going to learn better than those of our people, how they do.We’re going to learn, people skills, learning to dress finance.    For example, dress up, I still do not understand.But do not reject the past, I think, to learn those doing it.boy.  But every time I see other people wearing beautiful clothes, the most important pictures so beautiful, we are ugly.So do or not do it.Certainly do not work.I am embarrassed standing next.And a lot of beauty, is a former school makeup.  Several around me is, of course, they are not a vase.But it is absolutely beautiful talented woman plus successful career.    Think of this, I think, in fact, be a good person.That is should have the knowledge, the second point is that there must be a good environment.The most important is the first point, it can do a lot of things we are the first point.  For example, my friend, bought millions of cars, it is to enter the circle of the rich.  But for us, we can learn a lot of things.Even reading, you can also.    People at school, middle school did not read, as people would be less.However, Tsinghua University graduate, they generally go in are big company executives, or the Department of Defense.What part of which country.So for example, you start, you need access to the company’s high level which, generally difficult to reach, but because many of them are your classmates, so not the same.  So, a lot of people going to a lot of circles.Many people want to read Business School.    So, in fact, not only for them, for us, we know a person enough.  Because behind them there will be a lot of good people.    And in fact, some time ago read a book.She said, can afford to go through the years and the same, then it must be his talents.We will certainly old.We certainly will gradually lose many things, such as our lot.  But talent is not, this thing has always been there.As long as our minds, only progress has been.  And when we understand this, we will be more life on the road a lot of opportunities.    So the difference between people is a chance, then a chance of ability.And they are really good people, because they know a lot, and even can create opportunities.So, good and not good, it is to choose a relationship with us.  And knowledge, is the largest of a point.When we understand this point, do a good job this point, it will be a lot more opportunities.  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