calm at heart


I do not know since when like the replacement of the four seasons in the night, the rain sometimes elegant, sometimes the wind is free and easy, and sometimes light snow.When night fell I always put hours of immersion this tranquil midnight listening carefully whispered deep in his own heart.Loud filter the troubles of the night, which was a particularly quiet extra Enron, through the hazy night of Enron always find that quiet night is so beautiful.So in this calm water lightly in quietly enjoy their own share of the sky.  I have always hope I can be a woman of elegant water.Just living in this chaos of the secular, the complex, the flashy, really rare tranquility.Some people say that at the appropriate time to turn around, but unfortunately never properly early time what time, so I let it call the soul, frequently turned.  People often say is really dull, quiet is a blessing, that is the intention of the static water attitude examine everything, then everything will become insignificant.    When I’m not very concerned about the success and failure, start with one falling silent, calm water approach to examine the life course I have gone through only to find that the warm sunshine and beautiful scenery are quietly walked into my once vicissitudes of the heart, silently appease those scars left behind in the rush and desire.  When I’m not very concerned about fame and money, only to find the original and the loss can be fine painting, water intentions quiet attitude towards the pros and cons, I realized that life was the most cherished.If you can enjoy the good life of the pure life experience to the United States to win an azure blue sky for his party well-being of the Pure Land.  When I’m not very concerned about possession and loss, learn to learn to give and dedication.There is always a moment will find that this is called pay which is called to give up.Paid a dedication in retrospect is the peace of mind.In fact, as long as people will always happy contentment, it will calm water.Let it give up its own, has no share of heavy breathing becomes easier the fun.This found that giving up is a kind of get.At the moment calm water smile will stop.  For life is not got a lot of things, but learned.  Tonight I sit here and let that beautiful night surrounded the entire pavilion and let the melodious light music flowing in every cell in my body, indulge in someone else’s story, happy that their happiness, their sadness sorrow.Gradually it faded melancholy, forget the fans worry, forget yourself.Calm water, so very good.