Body budding expect


Such a sentence has been in love, or to travel, or reading, body and soul on the road must have a.    - Inscription time took away a lot of things, my most beautiful years, my most tender white, and perhaps also the rest of the original dream.There are many expect little heart.Getting those uncharted territory and with Mr..And daughter to see the eyes of the world’s children.And parents went to look outside they do not know the wonderful.More people want to own a go for a walk, a backpack, a camera, no worries, unconstrained.You see, the heart of a small store with so much desire, but it felt like many seemingly simple and miscellaneous.    My heart has been so selfish thoughts.A person traveling, with a camera, with a stick, with faith.I have not seen the world to see, to walk the path with those memories, to enjoy those unknown city.I know that this journey takes time and courage, but also need support.I remember so many words in the book.Or to travel, or reading, body and soul on the road must have a.So, I lose the opportunity latter, the former I must try.    Neighbor is longer than mine old woman, she said, a woman must go out to see the outside world.Like my mother, life is not too far out of the door.Old ingrained ideas.Yes, these words also very suitable for my mother.In fact, he says no amount is enough to explain that times are changing it.    I asked?Woman, what is your dream.She said, I have a big dream, I want to take my parents all over the world.I gave her a supercilious, that too much money.She is looking forward to his face that it is a big dream.Such a dream, for me, is really a luxury, I would have been unthinkable, is not it useless performance.    I do not know the final and initial dream would it be.But my heart has always insisted this life and good sir, effort over the days you want.Do not be looked down upon, not to be discriminated against.On the contrary, we must strive to have a good good in this life.?I asked, why should the pursuit fear of abject poverty.I say, this is life broken, everyone working hard, you like the person you love drinking boiled water saying I love your life?    In fact, the simple life, but it has too much is not easy.All the pain and the pain of his own experience came step by step.Sometimes, I’m afraid that kind of pain is unknown, the fear that must be experienced to be.In fact, we are learning a lifetime, are growing, both in the exploration, we are experiencing.Pain gave me an unprecedented harvest.For them, love or hate.I do not know.    Suddenly remembered when the homely chatter and mother, the mother said so and so his wife had gone to the day of class, specially children at home, and more to enjoy life.Perhaps in her eyes, the woman for a lifetime mothers at home are happy version.However, for different ages, also naturally have strange ideas.I countered, I do not want a lifetime mothers at home.I do not want to sit at home and Zhang heart proceed with a man for money.I do not want my man said, I support you in.Yes, this is not what I want life, I think I work hard to want in exchange for their.    Perhaps those who saw a lot of women as mothers hard life, and end up in the life and wealth of things.Subconsciously feel a new era of women to learn to be independent, especially in the economic.We should not be at around the stove, her husband, the kids.In this society to express individuality, if you do not strive, only to be trampled underfoot, fancy cast aside.Who loves you so what, can not learn to love yourself, and ultimately there will also lose the right to be loved and then marching orders away.    Many things have to learn to accept themselves, to face, and then go efforts.Grow their own fruit, open flowers, was pleasant fragrance.The best understanding of his heart than the loudest cry.    Simple persistent put pen to paper, write down my heart so much less willing, then slowly to strive, to achieve.Then, in the open bit by bit, he had looked so concerned and so hard to believe that so many.    2013.07.14 / Habitat Li