Beijing Olympics Chinese women’s volleyball memory Xian Weifeng (eight)


Although the Beijing Olympics over the past four years, to date, the exciting scene is still fresh.London Olympics around the corner, before and after the Beijing Olympics and bits and pieces come to mind, excited, pen letter to write, to keep historical memory.- Inscription I love volleyball, I began to watch Japanese TV series “Paiqiunvqiang” I was attracted by the play of tension and interesting story, watch the game changed in the past boring, episode to episode then read on, I could not help but see the wonderful applause at.Japanese girl playing volleyball, no, that’s not playing volleyball, just as thrilling as the acrobat.Like what “bolt from the blue”, silver ball flying high through the air, a girl into the sky, a kite to stand up, stretched out his right hand, a harsh blow dunks the ball dead.Then there is “meteor fireball,” the hand ball toss the ball in the air, threw a strike, silver ball flying like a meteor-like from the Internet, impartial oblique fall within the boundaries, sometimes just drop it on the line, it is wow.There are “scrambling”, more near misses, I saw the silver ball flying just about to fall rapidly, a girl jumps in the past, just “dead ball” hold.We see Paiqiunvqiang game, sometimes tense feel suffocated.Only saw the women’s volleyball girls on the training ground to practice, an effort to know their hard-earned.Although Japan coach usually gentle, talking and laughing, very amiable, but to the training ground, creepy.Take the physical training, the coaches let the players ran 10 laps, seeing all exhausted, he let the players pitted five laps.Some players fell, he not only did not help them, but a kick up the players to play, so she continued to run.Serve a trained hundreds of times.Spiking, blocking the ferocious, scrambling of danger, it makes your head can not view.    It is said Japan coach “devil training method”, only the players who lost several kilograms of meat, take off layers of skin, petite know why there is a volleyball deer Junko hard effort, no wonder Japanese women’s volleyball team almost unbeatable.    At that time China’s three ball (volleyball, soccer, basketball) at a disadvantage, Chinese women’s volleyball team is not much fame.One day I read the newspaper, suddenly found that Chinese women’s volleyball team won the World Championship.I can not believe my eyes, read it twice in a row.I thought how weak Chinese girl in Japan “Paiqiunvqiang” opponents?So I turn on the TV, watching the Japanese women’s volleyball final video, I was convinced then, Chinese women’s volleyball team is indeed better than the Japanese women’s volleyball, flexible Chinese girl’s fierce spiking, blocking and correct, with accurate tee, players, tactics really perfect.At this time, I met the head of iron Lang Lang Ping on television, setter Sun Jinfang, and Zhou Xiaolan and other women’s volleyball team.I fancy Japanese women’s volleyball tournament, Lang Ping vicious smash, the ball stopped Sun Jinfang Meng accurate, Japanese players only parry potential, but no fight back the power, then “Paiqiunvqiang” and “bolt from the blue”, “meteor fireball”, ” water moon, “I do not know where to go!Then I suddenly realized that Japan’s “Paiqiunvqiang” is acting, is showy, pretty useless, but the playing field, is “doing the actual” contest, depends on real skill.Chinese women’s volleyball team under the leadership of coach Yuan Weimin, the women’s volleyball team won five consecutive world championships, winning glory for the country, the fighting spirit of women’s volleyball team has become the spiritual wealth of people across the country.    Chinese women’s volleyball Grand Xian Weifeng in the world ranked altar, because of China’s volleyball girl convinced: “Only pay for Superman, Superman in order to achieve results.”.They turn out to be bitter, almost all of his spare time is spent in training, live “ascetic” style of life of ordinary people unbearable.But in order to achieve their goal of winning, at all, fully involved, and the large amount of exercise, many times, far more than Japan and the United States women’s volleyball women’s volleyball team, so in order to achieve such amazing results.    Gold valuable, but the women’s volleyball girls fighting spirit and self-sacrifice even more valuable.Cuban women’s volleyball team came from behind to become the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the “rival”, Chinese women’s volleyball team had once seemed weak.The waves pushed forward waves, new generation is growing.In the new century, the Chinese women’s volleyball team re-emergence, smiling under the leadership of coach Chen Zhonghe, won the 2004 Athens Olympic Games women’s volleyball championship every year, players and coaches hugged, tears and sweat streams together.Today, the world women’s volleyball team made rapid progress, high technical level, in order to win more difficult.    Chinese women’s volleyball girls willing Treasures unabated, scaling new heights, glory for the country, for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games to add luster.