Autumn quoted song


Autumn, when it began?Mino Weng-free status from temporary to face it, to find accurate answers.Only, the occasional heart throb, indicates that there is so little resonance with its.There are red with green youth, no longer butterflies lightweight, grabbing garment skirt mention the state, it seems to have said at the beginning of autumn.  Never strange, still used.Mino Weng Yun law in the sun and the moon, floating, consume every minute of life.As for the genus season, change of seasons, it is the natural arrangements.In Mino Weng Yan, autumn and winter seasons of spring and summer, each of its reincarnation, all is orderly rhythm of mixed.I let myself be infinite, in a sterile environment pretense of King issued clarity of the sound, rather than the language they want to break with the text, but only shades of a color change, or groups of Wind, Wind Xu disease.  Who may be worthy of Jesus?People bear yeah?Worthy of be worthy of the worthy, worthy is also worthy of the bear.I do not control the sound of the macro and micro, nor control the speed of the speech rate.Crackdown on vines climbing vines along with the speed; hear the slowly flowing river, the river’s flow to use.  Calendar year 2012 October 3, Yin Hui has always been erased early Yang Yanhong.General mood as the weather, the air is crisp clear God can be summed up.Days, man, also a!Appropriate inventory Yi mood of unorganized, heart, dressed into Qingyun, then wander the sky blue Shu wide, then days, the heart also!  Faint, faint, heart and wish.This autumn is getting stronger season, mountainous Linhe, conservation of good intentions, does anyone in Viewed?Wild persimmon ripe men, tweeted blackbirds, the Shining maple leaves, the gurgling stream flow, in fact, are the best elements of music, who would it taste spectrum of classical music.  Discard any ideas, leave a blank, let Autumn writing.But also to the most simple things, with very ordinary way a guest Mind.  Wind, in addition to its slightly the Qing Han, seems to be more thousands of Colors.Fragrance like diffuse air, forming a dense but if the repellent invisible heart freehand.No exaggeration, this case, the more distant the eye can see, the thinking brain can more context ins and outs of things, and between the ins and outs, but also a metaphor for some of life’s special intention.  Why should we break down, why fit.Branches and leaves, appears to be more reference, in fact, it is all the time a logical group of words to human life.Just limited human consciousness, only separated from the shallow skin of table.  This time, for nothing more homework, school vacation break juvenile children young children, their enlightened as wild desert of kite flying colors.This time the juvenile child children, in addition to responsibility, in addition to the burden, to make sex with any of them, both good and especially good.Mino Weng Mu Xin their freedom.  I would also like little children from the baby’s worry-free, vegan or smile the most, to find happiness resources.No restraint straightforward, released by the United States and the laws of nature, so harmonious.  Mino Weng lag wood, difficult to come to know the baby’s little children song words, sung sentence.However, it is the best sound, but the pure joy of transfer.  Mino Weng, senile men!However, I would like to join the innocence of the game!I do not want to experience the so-called seniors, the introduction of the intended effect for the innocence of the game.In the course of the game, enjoy the pure joy.  Impulse, but the impulse it, Mino Weng want to collect autumn of material, in the form of a fairy tale, happy lure around.  Here, no allegorical lessons.Here, no fairy tale decoration.Immature thinking, better reach a happy side, it’s for the dishes drink, with warm colors, barrier grim reality.  I am also happy to hear the faint sound of autumn roll through the curtain, that is to marry the day.It carries live happy, turned into a shallow face of shy.  Mino Weng joy will spread along the wild path, and my heart full complement of curiosity, shaking bearers from walking, I guess glamorous bride.  How can we encourage young Mino Weng joy?Making it flower heart Wrath, show a bright face.The teenager fled play my vision, only dated reverberation, like Pearl Jin-Jin-taek, a small gorgeous, put together a corner of the heart aside Xinran Shenjiu.However, this is Xinran, too weak not keep up with the young light.Instead, attenuated memory.Poke Cong Green shelter, put aside the mist around, I heard, is not very clear.  Although occasionally an autumn leaf, set record mottled, autumn ritual Anecdotes.However, it is sad but not hurt the face, no doubt engrave remember the story of the years, to find a place deductive.The so-called brilliant and Wong Chan’s background, but the color is still the outer edge of the juvenile vision of release.  Autumn colors, it can be painted fairy house?Mino Weng does not seem to be able to grow from a long dream, the theft to brilliant color, printing and dyeing real life, Mino Weng not inhibit the tendency of aging, arrangement or mounting in front of the situation with a young mind.  Mino Weng do not like to use the strategy of grafting, to convince the people to enjoy the experience of its own success.Moreover, Mino Weng has been in the maintenance of their own stubbornness, to enjoy their way of life.  No weight, what kind of situation it?This is indeed a very ideal situation, the wind, it is a real traveler, its contact with water and Yin, which is too wild leaves and singing.Thousands of their experience, extraordinary people available to carry on!  Mino Weng constantly learning in a natural as a teacher to early childhood and pure as a teacher.Wrong with you?Less tender in the period, but is non-Naifei.None of sophistication to pander to the song from.Fearless to the fear of adults, fear to the fear of adults.Not to avoid the bogey of adults, not to worry about the worries of adult.Unwilling words on, not on the obsequiousness.  These days, I wondered: no autumn border, how to decorate themselves, what style of clothing, more easily integrate into shades of autumn.Floating the leaf, fruit of a fall, is true in some early autumn said suspense.Who painted this in the fall of the Qing Yan it?Who oh forward to this autumn rhyme Fu?  Ahead in the not to far, bird of prey do not sweep the crisis.Who would deny it arrived in the autumn of Pro?I’m afraid, very far from the ancient rhyme, still filled, very lonely desert lapel heart, still beating.Even we in the current state, only in their prose tilt our shallow and callous.  Takaoka above, I wander, does not exist trail walking, but relaxed, I greet most mellowness bathing autumn, Xi red sun, the Xuan Xuan Ying beads, decorated in bright jewel, even if it’s beautiful , pieces of jade.  Extract the essence of autumn, in order to characterize the resulting thin loose life to, without talking.Flying rinse of state, prime turbulent trend; The Red impatient, Green quiet, in fact, stronger than the ideograms.Voicing boom-bust situation, only non-text word piece, you can finish of Interpretation.  This is an excellent opportunity, and mutual autumn.Yes, Mino Weng cherish each one Akiba’s invitation, and invitations to attend each autumn.