At one o’clock on July charming little hurt


When the season is always forward, the original sense of sight of the day so can not help but meaning later, those stories stay in the depths of memory, glowing yellow old, in a calm total of nowhere to place one one point of eroding the pain of heart.—– Text / autumn if rain.    Late spring flowers like Yefeng autumn of colorful fall gently blow it.That touch of enchanting quiet green hanging on this season so it seems colors.No in the mood, growth and decline of the old things dark dust…    July has been a long time indifferent, long time did not pick up a pen mind without incident, not a dull day gratifying, they were happy to omit the words ramble.Just some things, pieces of nowhere to start chaos, could not find the source of a pendulum along, just to keep them silent most primitive state, ignore.    In many cases the brain like a sudden break in general, a blank.Suddenly feel like life to zero, everything is back to square one, at the moment will always stay quiet for a moment of silence to pick up bits and pieces, some memory, like an ink gathering or deep or shallow outline the every detail.    Many times often do not consciously think of you.Think nestling in your arms, looking at the touch of stunning sunset, from the beautiful warmth of orange, the splendid red, is so quiet and silent, peaceful comfort.So quietly and enjoyed until sunset faded so passionate color, leaving a few pieces Lonely, or volume, or sparse.Often at this time the heart is always warm.    When the wind passing by, crushing the petals light dance in the wind, passing between the eyebrows, leaving a dash of tragedy.This complex earth, people encounter is a wonderful edge, the edge of this wonderful world it can withstand heating and cooling Sadness.Even in the dust cleared she explains the purpose of the pace, of the cocoon, not into the dish, it is stubbornly stick to a long stay on the dash of sadness in my heart aches.    So the feeling is not able to use words to write, some can only quietly hidden in another corner of the heart, according to a separate window when the moonlight with nothing to fall back on this lonely enough!    I do not know since when, the flowers next to the piece of bluestone path, fall for the fragrance, losing the original charm brilliant.Instead of a lush green enchanting.Stooped, you can find a few stray pieces, mixed with soil as a group.There are several points on non-blooming buds, even with signs of wilting, summer is young, has a warm day, is what killed the beautiful bloom of their opportunities.Like That beautiful encounter, always give people feel good, always give people hope, it lost silent beautiful bloom opportunity indifferent in what is strangled so good?    When the twilight is strong, crushing foot on a piece of bluestone path, and where plants and flowers, as well as wind, quietly immersed in the sunset speechless.This is a kind of endless enjoyment, sometimes suddenly feel alive nice!!!People often say that plain is really quiet is a blessing, yes, the same day a month removed another round irresolute, among suddenly feel alive is a blessing.Quiet and peaceful yet cozy in beautiful twilight!!    At the moment of his own spirit is like a thousand years of sleeping, everything around, also familiar stranger!