Accent no change


I stepped foot on a piece of melody hometown of familiar and unfamiliar road.  Home of the cloud, or so ethereal, home of the month, or so bright, the hometown of flowers, still so fresh, home of the water was so sweet, hometown people, smile is so bright, so warm.This is the dream linger in my hometown ah.  When I touch the air hometown, familiar atmosphere through my Heart, flick the haze of my heart, smile on my face bloom.  Or is this trail.  It is open on both sides of the flowers so bright, that the newly emerged a verdant Asakusa, blurring my eyes, suddenly felt the mind with sustenance, the mind wanders has finally docked.  That field a new green, swaying in the wind, they do rice seedlings?No, they hope that people at home kind.  Roadside creek in very shallow water, can clearly see the fish are relaxed Xixi water, it is paradise right?No, that is the home of people puzzled frown ah.  Gradually, gradually.  The narrow side of the road there was a row of trees standing, they recruited me to do.  I went into the leaves rustling, how sweet ah, that they traveled far from home for the blessing, but also a welcome return of the wandering music.  When I again went to the inside.  The grass under the trees there are unknown bug in tweets, look, they do rejoice, how beautiful melody for my return ah, what a touching friendship.  Far, I saw, I saw, that often smoke, flying moving on, slowly, in the height of the sky, dissipated.  Far, I heard, I heard, calling it a sound, forward-distance shuttle, gradually, always floating in the air.  That smoke, blurring my eyes, that call, with tears in my heart, how familiar picture.  Suddenly, I felt a hint of tingling fingers, raised his hand and saw a hint of red fingertips, is so bright, original roadside bushes with thorns pierced my finger, that the culprit is not the slightest guilt.  This is really what the earth mother to express my thoughts, or is it for a long time I did not return penalties?  I continued toward the rising smoke of that place.  The foot is not the dirt road, replaced it with moss bluestone road, how long, it did not come from above?Does it miss me too?  Finally, sinking lush willow has been in front of me, and it was so enchanting, was so fond of the beautiful and fragrant flowers Zhengchun, even if it does not have showy flowers.  A few more steps, walk a few steps back to that dream place countless times.  No change mane bad accent, although I have reached the degree of gray hair, but that excitement was a long time can not calm down.  Under the eaves of the home, or swallow nest, there is not the slightest change.  Fences have identified the moss, the tree under the weight I’ve gone several times higher than me.  I was back at the happy and carefree childhood!