A red can not say lonely


Can not make a red say lonely, a faint look back, it leaked out all the loneliness and sadness.- “a red loneliness” It stands to reason, can be silhouetted against the red dress, the flowers, the flame..But in the end only one.Let one of which came to the world, the other one can not dense natural born.Thus, in this vast universe, we have been looking for a red in the birth of another a red.    The vast expanse of the universe, seems to find endless distant period.Shake off the dust of time covered in red.When not looking for an alternative to red, a red can not speak their lonely, lonely soaring crazy expansion, it will remain depressed in my heart, into the hearts can not be removed until the knot.Love in the dismal home in the dim glow of interwoven pale fog days, red speed turn, also went into exile.Floating in the wind, rain quietly shake, where you want to be taken to red?When passing red drift snow, snow witnessed lonely red, also with unexpectedly falling when the red lonely.    What a thought, that night, the dim glow of light can not be issued bleak, tragic screaming did not come out of the mouth; how much you want, a snowflake can be frozen red lonely soul, freeze it, ban it soaring; how much you want, in that night dial with high imagine the loneliness and retain about to leave the other with a red sad, numb with all the reason to make yourself numb; how much you want red fall small river, downstream along the river to go, and that abandoned red red, will be in the upper reaches of the river piercing, catching water does not give up; how much you want, memories disappear, so red continue to favor their own childish memories, his own deceit, the spirit is no longer dry.That day, the man, not watering red, red heart locked, call goes into the air can not bring out a red loneliness.    Looking back a faint red, blinking his eyes wearily, then leaked out even snow are very sad want to freeze, which leaked out of a red sad lonely, snow will rush came eviction.Slowly stood up, she received a young small tree in an attempt turned himself into a lot of red static, the moon and stars and grains of all things quietly dialogue precipitation quietly, then quietly lay a lot static in red.It reached Xinxian weight on falling down, these stories surface metamorphosis, a cuff reveal the emotional sustenance of your sad story.Sorrow from the heart out of all grains droop nod, moon and stars dialogue heavy down, and you, as ever alone.    Stood silently cusp, red waves surging waves stirred up a rare sympathy.The rough waves because of her low standing and calling out, he heard the sound, like a sad, eternal long stream, it is only in this hour I do not know how much whistling, want to fall slowly to salvage the surging sea of red of laughter and tears.This laughter and tears, the red flower still can not walk into a red flower, red flower static mooring no less red flower, red flower departures out, return date can not be known.This little red eyes do not go into a faint red flower.Plaintive full-hearted support of her choice and generously about the waves, accompanied by the waves calling out low, discarding red flower floating into the waves, the waves carrying her whistling forever, but still can not say the lonely red flower.    You can not walk into and become lonely, red issued to the sound of deep sigh between heaven and earth.Still can not make a red tell his solitude, unless her heart, her eyes flashing for you frequently move, hint of a look back, you will be put into the eye and scenery.But tis red can not say lonely, no matter who accompany and wanted to cause a sense of loss.Red has been floating with the waves Whither?Waves echoed low, and seems to say: tick..Waves rolled up to the sky, standing on the red wave, it can not say let red lonely as the wind can not let a drop of suspension spring direction leaked.    A red loneliness can not say, but a faint look back, we have spoken all their loneliness.