A little edge to edge to first-line


Dream in rivers and lakes of wine in my arms, in the month Vault of heart day, a hundred years, a Zen sit, sorrows and joys income people to do everything, both good and slim as Feng Yan, came from way, year-round fun.    Met, it is in our hearts carries the edge, only to edge line, the edge went just a bit, this is the marriage of the world to come and go, like the simple and natural as alternating day and night.    Although the Red knows no boundaries, Oliver boating.Voiceless sweet, Tiancheng Fine, who put down another reminder obsession, lust abandoned, newborn Buddha before it?    Who is a sinner?Sinner, leaving a legacy, passed from generation to generation.Only karma to line, to lead his marriage bypass (her) life, the period contributed stories, wonderful successfully.But why bother to cooperate with the times, under the angry distorted face too frightened people, to destroy everything without mercy, tearing everything.So red blood, tears flooding, tearing sound exhausted, but can not change the outcome so unsightly.    Blue sky, you are the highest in the world’s largest faith, then you are fair decidedly ignore it?Such a punishment for ordinary lovers, it may not be good fruit, you have in mind what it safe?    Phoenix Road, Nirvana bathed in fire, rebirth and dangers, but eventually caused Jincheng, set the world to support its strength, rising to an extreme, the flames of life, that one moment is the shining light of happiness.They also spread the blessings and hope in the world, make it grow and multiply, mundane world of fragrance, it is true, good and beautiful atmosphere overflowing the land of China.    Causal earth, marriage is all set number, whether deliberately for the sake of it hopeless?When the flowers keep Yela, the moon high tide there is law, day short night because of season, this is the invisible worth of a type of follow the law, no one can break.    For thousands of years, almost everyone understands the Red accompany marriage, is joking in the hands of line.But who also resigned so blind wasted wandering, how many people have started their own to find the edge of the road, passed mountain heavy water, re-floating sea churn, run around, wandering, Dianpei years, learned to calm, given the number of things have been carved in my heart, over time and with Yao Yao brilliance.    Whenever always reluctant, but must also believe that edge to the line, how many people say King was born, but also how many hide and fear.    Red edge, will accompany the Red robbery, a little off, joys and sorrows of which do, who can stay loose collection?There is no life in everything, watching too busy, dash leave marks, that is after years of passing footprint, vaguely tenderness.    Life one hundred years, and as a Zen sit, between the eyes Wei Bi, Ebenezer lead the way, his eyes slowly bay, the sun and moon Road.Bell far, just like Lein over the mountains from Buddhism, so pure leisurely in the ears, Fine-spoken, students realized the robbery, abandon pessimistic, along its pros and cons.Always grow their own fruit because it was, rhyme disturbed soul has disappeared and then disappear, only lightly accompanied, given life margin, willing.    Hand merry, Xiejiu in arms, the wind and rain, rivers and lakes also miss the fleeting mist, I regret to miss this life, to the edge, not the interest, is also a loss.Bright, Vault of heaven, in the heart of the Peak, people in the secular world, more than just a dream.    Old teenager is frivolous fun.Fly frost season leaves blooming, fire wins shamisen, make up the missed the rainy season, waiting for the dream of intestinal crazy, love hanging belly.    Xiejiu pot, is located between the fields cliff, invited elk, egrets drink from a cup, go back farewell.Huan a line of people, do not have fun, drunk almost at a loss between Spring and Autumn went years.    And believed: edge to first-line, go a little edge.    And forget: edge to first-line, go a little edge.