A big rain


A big rain, intense and short.With something of the thrill of breaking the obstruction, nothing like the rain is so clear-cut.Excitedly to occupy the entire exposed significant air time.  Perhaps this is the season of summer rain patent, like bold brave boy, that come and stay away, without any hesitation.  Thunder only a few times, put a rampant than half of the summer heat and sunshine beat, flapping in the wind the rain came down and swept away the ground due to high temperature heat exudes atmosphere, the entire space, there is suddenly a cool breeze blowing through.  Pelting rain, just in time, dissipate the shadow of several days of hot, also sent a timely rain to rain and other farmers.  Just seedlings growing season, farmers who took a year of hope and livelihood, no rain in the summer, people are always farmers day to the rice fields of water worry.This is a pelting rain, regarded as a gift of God, to the simplicity of these people to bring a little joy.  Office workers who always want to get a lot of things some of the poetic, sit in an office all day, even without the sun and rain, but always on the outside is enough to heat a heat stroke hearts and fear, but also for all day behind closed doors We need air conditioning to maintain a suitable temperature days have more or less offensive.This rain, which let their hearts added a number of factors that can lament.  Throughout the summer, rain and cool but become rare luxury.Get up early in the morning, is accompanied by bright sunshine.Always I think, if such a brilliant light and appeared in the winter of December, that this is more than a good gift of life, mood.  It seems that in this sun raging Shengxia Hua light, people are always willing to blame their emotions temperature.  August summer, always shrouded in temperature caused by restlessness.  Perhaps no one can avoid them anxious and that a contradiction deep inside, because of natural factors can not compete or is wandering own heart.That uncertain about a contradiction, always dark or light affects the lives and emotions or.  In the face of a heart that is not stable, we are always looking for opportunities and a wide variety of media, so that my heart is a little firmer.  Hot summer in August, surrounded everywhere, are anxious atmosphere, this season, the mood is always inevitable because some twists and turns up some little things.  Sometimes, emotions come so suddenly, the moment happy moment to lose, so the conversion speed, even let themselves be surprised and wonder, in the end what kind of walking space, in order to let our hearts be able to Danru springs?  But the so-called life, is not an official need for such a little twists and turns, to remind us, the twists and turns in a variety of flavors, it is the true nature of life?  Perhaps we should be grateful to this and that all sorts of twists and turns, so we will not be too blind and dazed in the walk all the way there, at least the ditch and gully gully will remind us that the outside world is wonderful and helpless, how to walk, should be put at heart a ruler, a good measure.  Pelting rain on a summer such as this, there is no sign of it coming, should the moment you walk hand still on the road, he will not wait for you to prepare an umbrella.You can do, perhaps only in the front, regardless of rain or shine, will prepare an umbrella, sunny sunshade, rain shelter.This is the capricious nature where we can do.