Messi?Luoneimaer difficult team spokesperson said this is the true image of the benchmark 3


"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 20: Russia's 2018 World Cup under way, fans around the world who are concerned about this football event。But for some of the lesser-known players, many fans are very difficult in the race immediately identify who they are。This week there are sites using the face image processing software, to produce an average photo looks 32 World Cup teams。 Deformation is an image processing software, only two are about the same size of the background picture of a face, you can morph between the two faces。The site uses fsanmartin use this software, and the use of all 32 World Cup players participating teams according to FIFA standard official release, produced a picture as each team looks average。Deformation mainly through the eyes and other facial recognition key elements to build facial geometry. In addition, the site also uses mature technology, the players' hair, ears, jerseys and other elements also increased up eventually by sketching software became established 32 each teams average looks portrait。Fans can look at these criteria photos, and determine each participating team, a player which looks most like the portrait, he can truly be called a team spokesman appearance。However, it can be seen from the portrait, Messi, C Ronaldo, Neymar seems to have grown in their respective national team "sub-standard" software and create a clear distinction Photo。