How are you?I'm fine, How about you?


Ignorant Sentimental love when those young is a glass of vintage wine, enduring incense, hang some passes, slash memory is the recollection of our lives。—— Inscription once, naive to think I have forgotten you, put your love Love Sentimental period of gathering dust in the corner of memory。  Inexplicable day, looking at the familiar strangers, but I can not help but think of you。  Involuntary greeting sentence: Are you okay?You retorted: I'm fine, how are you?We smiled at each other。  The usual greeting in my ear is so extraordinary, the heart of your long-buried Flanagan strings flutter a bit, I knowing smile。  Two lines of tears, warm, wet, sweet memories already blurred, slipped to the bottom of memory, a fleeting bright。  I whispered inquiry myself, I had not forgotten you, the one I love you more than your own people。  Why?The bitterness here I was unprovoked you think?  Why I do not know when I have burst into tears, even I do not know why they cry。  Why, old memories are like yesterday as distinctly reproduction?My heart children as drizzle rainy season like so sad, such as lotus root-like fishes again and again, left not abandon。  Is it, I never once forgotten you, why, I'll think of you s heart?  Do you have been stationed in my heart, never leave, why, you make me feel so unique?  Is it, while I still remembered Lianzhao new love, old love?  No, no, I'm on the day swear, my heart could not give two people。  At this time, whether already be feeling betrayed my loyalty?  I thought I can rest assured that you love, joy and love another person, however, even the time did not help me to forget you, share ignorant of love experienced after the dust even more valuable。  In the wilderness of the world, I was willing to become a blade of grass, the wind will awaken my memory at any time, any frozen rain drops each of my tears, clearly the world, but the memory of a dream。  How are you?I'm fine, How about you?