Heavy-handed punishment of the concept of speculation stock speculation encounter a wind blocking policy under regulators


Heavy-handed punishment of wind under the concept of speculation regulators, triggering the stock market Shenfudiaozheng。  As of April 21, when four trading days the previous week, the Shanghai Composite day?Line presents Lianyin trend, the cumulative drop of 105.27 points, A shares of the total market value evaporated during the 2 trillion yuan, the last trading day of the week only 0.Was up 03%。Insiders pointed out that the Commission against male security concept New wave of speculation, China Banking Regulatory Commission to rectify the financial market order of intensive introduction of regulatory measures, coupled with commodity market prices caused by multiple factors related to the listed company's share price adjustment and concerted efforts to promote the cost is twice the main reason the stock market Shenfudiaozheng。  CBRC drop lever Commission anti-speculation earlier this month, under the stimulus of the concept of male New security related concepts listed companies by market speculation for several days, the average daily turnover in Shanghai and Shenzhen rose to a high of 600 billion yuan, which led to regulatory Watch layer。  According to industry sources: for the prevention and control of risk, Hebei Finance Office together with the local securities regulatory bureaus middle of this month were asked to interview proposed price stability, prevent adverse speculation of the province 52 listed companies responsible。The Shanghai Stock Exchange has also taken appropriate regulatory measures to require listed companies related to the market's attention clarification, the relationship with the male security New Area。  As a result, pre-collective limit of "male New security concept" stocks have been asked to verify the suspension, movers will enter the differentiation state, in which leading shares fell more related to the theme of the market indicates that cool。  At the same time the Commission strengthen the supervision of listed companies as well as hot money Fudge realignment of line with the speculation, it has become one factor in the stock market about the recent。Recently, the Shanghai Stock Exchange means that, for obvious regional characteristics of multi-account, multi-point linkage category unusual transactions continued to increase supervision。Further pointed out that the Shanghai Stock Exchange, trading account geographical features significant mainly in Zhejiang, Wenzhou and other places, and the hype will be concerned about excessive speculation male security stocks that may be present。  April 8, Commission Chairman Liu Yu in the second session of the Congress on Listed Companies Association said it would unreasonably high transfer, financial fraud and "Fudge-style" restructuring conduct strict supervision; April 14, the SFC on routinely conference, spokesman Zhang Xiaojun, then regulators will disclose the special action to combat manipulation of time shares behavior; after day, Liu Yu is once again stand in the General Assembly on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, will continue to reorganization of listed companies, disrupting the behavior of the market order to crack down。  In fact, while the Commission frequent moves, the CBRC also strengthened supervision。7 documents in its bursts of two weeks, they asked Bank of self-examination "regulatory arbitrage, arbitrage and related arbitrage idle" self-examination covering a number of banks in recent years, the prevalence of regulatory arbitrage and avoidance behavior。This indicates that banks are tightening outsourcing funds。  Since February 24, China Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman Guo Shuqing took over, began to work on rectifying the market a variety of financial chaos, continuous regulatory filing released, set off a storm in the entire financial industry regulatory system。Intensive introduction of regulatory documents with "anti-risk, deleveraging" as the original intention of the banks wealth management business regulatory sent a strong signal。Meanwhile, the SFC and SFC Chairman Liu Shiyu also for several days in the external position, after which the strict supervision referred to manipulate time shares, high turn sent to other acts。One of a number of respondents said that this is an important reason for the current round of stock index fell。  From external factors, the current uncertainty is more, the external market lower, ferrous metals fell, geopolitical risks also affect investor confidence in listed companies in related industries。  Strong interest in the long-term fundamentals regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission regulatory measures to suppress speculation, although the trend will affect the market in the short term, but good overall economy as well as to more standardized market environment, stabilize the stock market is still strong even provide fundamental support。  National Bureau of Statistics announced April 17 show: the first quarter of this year, China 18.0683 trillion yuan, calculated at comparable prices, an increase of 6.9%。Sub-industries, the primary industry was 865.4 billion yuan, an increase of 3.0%; the secondary industry was 7.0005 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.4%; the tertiary industry was 10.2024 trillion yuan, an increase of 7.7%。From the chain perspective, the first quarter GDP growth of 1.3%。"Economic growth picked up directly benefit from the government last year launched a supply-side structural reforms, PPP and 'along the way' strategy。PPP and 'along the way' for stimulating effect of investment is very obvious, and soon reflected in the economic data, the economy has achieved a good growth rate, to dispel the doubts of many people。A quarter of the economy is relatively stable and is the start to a good start。"Former chief economist of the sea represent open-source Fund Yang Delong。  Thanks to "along the way" initiative, China's foreign trade ushered in returning to the strong start。A quarter of the total value of trade in goods 6.2 trillion yuan, an increase of 21.8%。Compared with the same period last year, improved import and export data is very clear。Due to increased domestic demand, a sharp rebound in imports, exports there have been more than 10% growth rate, indicating that the global economy is recovering。  In fact, the dollar easing cycle after the financial crisis since the second half of 2014 to phase out the Fed to speed up the pace of rate hikes; the manufacturing sector also tends to return to the US in。This tighter external environment while increasing the urgency to upgrade our transformation。That "along the way" strategy will help China's manufacturing industrial upgrading and enhance product competitiveness and international share。With the rising costs of the various elements of Chinese labor, land, etc., to reduce the advantage of the technology, the domestic industrial transformation and upgrading is very urgent to seek capital。  Director Changsheng Fund Changsheng "along the way" Feng Yusheng index fund managers continue to favor "along the way" theme show in the next longer period of time。"With 'along the way' initiative of top-level design and layout investment gradually clear, the initiative will continue to promote the breadth and depth, and China 'along the way' economic relations and regional cooperation along the country will be more closely, which means participation Chinese companies will further benefit。"Feng Yusheng judgment, 'along the way' cooperation priorities in the 'five-way': the key to the smooth flow of trade is the core, and infrastructure interoperability is to expand trade。Future key infrastructure construction will focus on three areas of transport infrastructure, energy infrastructure, telecommunications trunk network construction。Related listed companies as an important subject "along the way" of international cooperation will play a central role。He suggested that the focus of investment opportunities overseas engineering, building materials, machinery equipment, transportation and other "all the way along the" chain of infrastructure capacity and output advantages to high-speed rail link, communications equipment, electrical equipment, represented by。  Import-export data, Bo Zhang Wei, said ongoing negative in 2016 export growth into 2017, along with synchronous recovery in major economies, worldwide trading activities have been significantly repaired, domestic March import and export data pre-publication remains strong, customs released by the General Administration of current exports leading index remains high。While the future is still trade friction, exchange rates and other aspects of uncertainty, but this year compared to last year's trade situation, there have been a considerable degree of improvement。  Regulators anti-speculation-related sector performance (original title: A sudden, the wind stock speculation regulatory policy suffered blocking) (Editor: DF327)