Girl and deep-sea fish


Fish said: you can not see my tears, because I in the water。  Water says: I can feel your tears because you are in my heart。    Deep sea girl tossed sunk to the sea floor, tears flooded。This is a light blue to earn not open the shackles。  She met the fish, the fish know and love water。She said: I am not a fish, you do not water, can you see me cry it?  Suddenly, a light sea breeze arrived riding her eyes, she reached out and gently touched the fish short beard。Unconscious superficial show the past, as if you could reach the sea of memories。That is what the passage of fish and water reservoirs and the memory of love。    She heard, Fish said: life can not go see the outside world。It is my greatest regret。  Water says: life you can not give up this idea, is my biggest failure。  She got it, she just a promise, unfulfilled promises。    No day nor night sea bed, the warm but cold, long night, endless sleepless。  Fish mouth has been unbearable affects beautiful traces。Gently but affectionate girl to fish: you have warm color between Haiji originally given。  So the fish opened his pale blue eyes, raised his head, listening to the era of drum-ming never had the heart。    Fish, listen to the fall of the essence。  Girl, crimson really broken point。  Fish, migratory bottom chase。  Girl, just hold the wrist not forsake。  Fish, swim in the sea quietly, to say I love, then water。  Girl, sea, break free of gravity, the body went to the next invitation。    Body to go next invitation。Honey, if deep sea unhappy, will you take me out of it?