Flower girl, stick to good love life


Most Acacia dream, most sad tears, red candle marriage Luozhang Ying, dim moonlight as Bride。  Lei Yu hazy break, spend between yin and yang。If there is an afterlife love, I would like to make pair of lovebirds in the day。  I saw, lilies and roses。Girl black hair, thick and dense and smooth as silk。A red string tied to the cauda equina。Broad forehead, insignificant water hyacinth, water Lingling big eyes pure as crystal, tall nose, lips laughed piece of peach to。See a stranger, shame also want to laugh。One pair of shoes to be wrapped feet, the pace of trivial detail, but also have legs。A floral cotton, graceful figure, willow-like soft waist。Such a girl, grow between landscape。A world not find Blossom。  Mountains, rolling turns, water, trickling streams。Aura gave birth to the mountain landscape general delicate, water is generally Smart girl。  Early in the morning, as the sun golden sprinkling the earth。Girls finished washing hair, put a few tablespoons of spring water pot, stove rises。Sitting, live fire continues to add brushwood leaves, add a spoonful of rough rice, cover the timber lid。  After breakfast, the girls came to the sheds, the leftovers spilled rice bran, cock shook its colorful plumage, as if still indulge in loud and clear voice in the dawn。  The sun rose higher。Girl carrying a bamboo Lou, standing water in the field, caught behind from a uniform green plant sprinkling the air, leaving her gently through the water traces。  Old bright sky, the sun burning their own。Penetration of the girl's clothes a bit of sweat。At this point she was bent over, stuck familiar seedlings。Less than a few minutes, a neat row of seedlings will have a legal guardian in the ridge edge。  Night, lit a kerosene lamp young girl, played embroidered mandarin duck。Girls of the thread through the eye of a needle fast, knotted, multicolored mandarin ducks will come alive in her hands up。  Late at night, the girls marching feet of wood, his hands shaking back and forth widened machinery, twine dense wood, less than half, a weaver of fine linen will be done。  Years went by, fleeting as gold。Girl has a wife。Body more plump, increasingly dexterous hands, eyes more tender。  Wedding night, candles and bright, when it is full moon, hazy night, the moon shed pure, everything became quiet and gentle。The groom was drunk, stumbling open the door of a new house。The groom with his pipe gently lifted the girl's red scarf。Under the moonlight, shy girls seem charming。With her groom drink wedlock, put the glass down, blushed bride, the groom affectionate watching the beautiful girl, the beating heart thump。Although they understand 春宵一刻值千金, they can communicate with each other affection, the heart have, at the moment, they held hands, Beikaozhuobei, not words nor language, with open eyes, enjoying the moonlight outside, feeling each other's body temperature, so silent over one night。  Love is getting stronger。Full five years, she for his children, her housework for him, her loyalty to him。He also made her a humane, stubbornly persists。Sometimes, he would dress up for her, he would gently hold her long hair, a thin root care。He'll wash it countless times on her red ribbon to tie。Sometimes he went to the city go to the market, buy some of the most expensive and beautiful jewelry with her。  Today, the sons and daughters have grown up, became a nest of birds continued their unknown life。  They Xiangruyimo fifty years, never fight, with over mouth。He was 70 years old, drank too much wine, in the wind, paralyzed in bed。She always cared for him。Daily, scrub several times for his health, for his medication eating, cleaning due to incontinence and wet bedding for him。Eight years, a full eight years, day and night, she wait on him for eight years。He can not speak, eyes full of sorrow and gratitude。His tears always flow for her。He thought, although he is a great misfortune, can have such a good great wife, his life is a blessing ah!  Eventually, he went to。With a deep love for his wife passed away。  She, heartbroken, tears always“Spat”“Bata”Drop in on his photo frame。Her daily to pray for his soul in heaven can rest, eat well dressed to heaven。  She thought, if the afterlife, I do your wife!  Their lives, bumpy road, ups and downs, not romantic, no vows, no sweet talk, silent and silence is the theme of their lives, their love is to pass quietly pay, as long as there is love, happiness with me。Whether poor or rich, whether sick or healthy, whether alive or dead, they have done it to give each other a lifetime of love。  Love, in fact, do not need too many words, love, is standing on each other's point of view is put ourselves in each other's sake, love, that is, through thick and thin with the joys!