Firefly lonely, sad the next month shortage bridge


REVIEW: Once we vow to meet a lifetime finish。No matter what happens, a great share of love, no regrets adhere。Even in the afterlife, life or death, even if no matter how the years erosion, but also closely linked to each other's fingers ——– (text: time fly paper) to see the fireworks bright, chaos in the night sky。Gorgeous bloom, as if you had beautiful face, past legend reproduce, promote my Acacia diminished, are like yesterday。Boiling bright look, but eventually they scattered into silent sigh。Remembrance into mourning, I consider the best will fill Araki。Dressed Feng Xu floating all over, how could I have expected, lonely at dusk, Hu Xintian。Reading Night hazy looming on the river boat fishing boat sleepless。Glaucoma under the stars, I wait in the front of the hall, and you already far away。    Flowers stone paths being disabled, colorful fly messy, broken patches of red floating pool, are parting with the breeze。Swallow and wear eaves, hurriedly love language of success。Comb feather knot, the tired little Chunni title, but also made between Zhao Liang。Gone away from you, my heart is like a frozen wasteland。Perhaps only your appearance, to warm my lonely heart。I cut that time, but can not touch again, you handsome smile。I know, my love has been exiled in the fleeting。Yan today and back, the spring being cut。I look forward to the eyes, etc., and is still a piece of lonely days。    I do not know, how many tears have been shed, I was wandering Xiao Long Beach。Shuxia faded moonlight, hidden in the col。Whether memory on the moss, has been nowhere to find, only a shortage of the bridge when you leave。East wind flow to red, from the time your shadow, and became misty morning fog scattered in the wind。Bearish mountain waterfall pouring cloud, moist Jianbian short grass。That thick bundle miss, still hanging in the vertical strip of Willow。Why do you only shallow embrace, so far I still can not forget。My palm, you still keep the flavor of Shannon。Isolated countryside road, breaking the small boat, remember that that year, send me your wallet。Help window frames, Wang Chuan away, know your return date is uncertain。Turn, the floating Lei Yu, when suddenly cuckoo, immobile in branches。Secluded rain, the grass fiber, tease hair tou Duzhao。Can not help but hope to see your reflection in the enchanting, but also with a charming smile。    Is dusk, the wind beat Qu shore, watching the sunset gravity。Lau is still round toad, Gambhir diarrhea shadow, hanging willow。Lotus more secluded breeze, swaying off the pump, to teach people how lotus。Reed passionate, laugh at me night comes Boating boat。Fear ship breaking, I will pay diffuse cabin melancholy stream, contaminated autumn。Of the shadows and asked Xinchou, every night there nakan。The invitation to drink, just pouring alcohol to sadness。Heart afraid, bit by bit, empty stage weeping, your eyes are the Big Dipper, the mind sees it more difficult to close。Desolate heart attack, cold invasion sleeves, lone bench and nobody to greet。Whose a piccolo, so sad yo。Lead me red tears, the night is heavy flow。How passing eismowe, when we can and that called you, back together again, the same hand, accompanied by a total of bald?    Our love, perhaps the former students began。I do not know Qingshenyuanqian, or I know too late, let me in this reincarnation, miss you again and again。Once we vow to meet a lifetime finish。No matter what happens, a great share of love, no regrets adhere。Even in the afterlife, life or death, even if no matter how the years erosion, but also closely linked to each other's fingers。Since you're gone, those beautiful, it becomes a memo blank paper。I can dream, you always appear soft posture, it is still kind of modesty, is within easy reach。And when we wake up, your bright eyes, suddenly disappear before my eyes, introspective。I can only air-to-water, telling trickling mind。At this autumn has to, when the geese have returned。Why am I still so dedicated to guarding phase, the story of those who have hurt us, either all the tears of emotion are wasted into the vicissitudes of life。    Such as your gentle embrace, it has the same misty wind。Meniscus gradually, Fuqin a subtle language, tone remains Acacia。Perhaps I'll give you a little, perhaps good enough for me。Why do you only my shoulder by the by, just clouds together, journeyman ends of the earth, perhaps this life, I can not find you。Only when night comes, sitting alone at the time you leave the bridge, the river whipped a monopoly of fireflies, overlooking the mountains blurred edges and corners。Ask the wind, how can I cut barren pessimism。Helpless, let the sad heart that fireflies with solitude, sadness shortage bridge next month……    Time fly paper on the early morning of August 19。QQ: 2492665379