US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao: father took me home and tied


Reference News in Washington, Elaine Chao quite well known among the Chinese in the United States。
She was America's first Chinese member of the Cabinet of President George W. Bush was in power for eight years when the labor minister。
After taking office as Minister of Transport Trump, Trump trillion US dollars to revive the realization shoulder the heavy responsibility of the US infrastructure campaign promises。
Friends and relatives in the United States and even Chinese circles, as well as a very famous Chao: filial。 Every night, she will be on time to the 89-year-old father, James S.c. Chao call; weekends, as much as possible back to New York to visit his father from Washington。
Many official activities, including the White House, boarded the "Air Force One", an interview, always bring my father as much as possible together。 Mr. James S.c. Chao told reporters: "I have in the past Father's Day every day。 "Including Elaine Chao, James S.c. Chao a total of six daughters, all of them academic success, been to four Harvard Business School。
Zhao success in the education of her daughter, has also long been a name。 As a father and closest to, along the longest eldest daughter, Elaine Chao how to treat her father fatherhood?This year Father's Day approaching, Elaine Chao and his father accepted the reporter an exclusive interview with James S.c. Chao。
June 16, US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao (right) and his father James S.c. Chao in an interview in New York。
Wang Yingshe "Bad Dad" There are three secrets Elaine Chao said that if the score, I gave my dad hit 100 points。 Not because he was perfect, but because he was a hundred percent father。 Father hundred percent?Chao tells the story of three important factors。
The first factor, accompanied。 Chao said that in memory of their six daughters, their father never missed any important moment in the life of a。 "He will always be there, and my mom。 They always put family first。 "James S.c. Chao's not a leisurely life。 On the contrary, he arrived in the United States, he worked three jobs a day to feed their families, but also to pursue a degree。 A few years later founded the company shipbuilding lease, the business grew and grew, very busy。
But Chao said his father's life spent a lot of time with the child, he was always on hand to put down all the things the girls respond to phone calls and questions, and always think of ways to actively explore opportunities to achieve their potential life of her daughter。
"For daughters, he is always there; his father when needed, never lost。
"The second factor, the initiative。
"Presence" has never been a negative, there is nothing to do for six daughters Zhao, the father, but often by the father as the active interaction of father and daughter。 In the family, regardless of vacuum sweeping, mowing the lawn or entertain guests, even on Sunday night to rest his wife to cook, James S.c. Chao will call on the children to do together; repair something, always do a daughter called helper; outside the home, and his daughters will move together, travel, reception, teach them how to treat people – not by preaching, but to directly see how the girls father to do。
"All of our sisters from a very early age to learn how to lecture, and interesting, successful people deal。
"Chao said:" Father of all activities will bring her daughter。 We do daughter, can most directly speak decent people to see my father is a Lutheran, strong principles and the right way of thinking, but also creative problem solving。
He and my mother work so hard, we do not own hard to do better, how can we be worthy of parental love and sacrifice?"The third factor, wife。 James S.c. Chao was born sailor, a young man ran the ship for nearly a decade, throughout the year there are ten months vain home。
Xinhua Publishing House forthcoming biography of James S.c. Chao "headwinds fearless" mentioned, when Elaine Chao to be born, he brought his wife to the hospital on the mother board to the sea, to see her daughter after a month。
When running the ship, many sailors to the port on the absurd pleasures, but he tried to stay, and my heart with gratitude for his wife to pay Mulan。 Chao said his father, "love my mother Zhu Zhao Mulan。 He treats her like beads as something precious, great respect。
Saw his father so love to treat the mother respect, we do daughters, have seen the value of their own. "。
She suggested that Chinese young father: "father is a big responsibility, in particular, need daddy daughter。
Father-daughter relationship is very special, it will shape her view of the world and interpersonal way。 Cherished wife, take care of the mother and daughter, father happy, it is expected to exceed expectations。
"Attach importance to the heritage of traditional Chinese culture Zhao's strict rules, but also quite famous。
I invited guests for dinner, six daughters come out to the reception, the guests standing behind him hold rice dish cloth。 Mr. Zhao Lao told reporters, until now, he does not Dongkuaizi, the girls who will not take their food to eat; he spoke, the girls will calm down and listen to him。
In the company, there is a conference room of his special chair。 Although the youngest daughter Angelina is vice chairman, whether the father is absent, "I never dared to take his father's seat."。
Six daughters have grown up in American culture and the American educational system, but James S.c. Chao and his wife in family education, particularly focusing on Chinese traditional etiquette and Confucianism。 Chao recalled that his father loves one side and the girls work, while about early life in China, tells China's history, culture, philosophy and traditions, "he always talk to us and tell us things in China……And our home together. "。 After the reforms, he put every daughter to China。
Chao said, which makes them better than most Americans can understand the tremendous progress China has made in decades。 In Chao seems, filial piety, humility, harmony with yourself and nature, are valuable traditional China, the US and Germany。 Filial sons and daughters of their own well-being。
She said: "Parents have good care of us。
When we grow up, they grow old, we should respect and treat them。 "The virtues of humility, in today's world may sound strange, but it is the understanding, learning each other's needs。
In the long run, Heaven Chinese tradition, enabling a better understanding of Sino-US mutual enhancing East-West ties。
"Headwinds fearless", there are so many words left a deep impression Reporter: James S.c. Chao believes her daughter, while the Chinese and the Americans do, is a good thing。
The world will become more complex, more about a culture, is an advantage。 Elaine Chao to his father in 100, perhaps including this one: to cultivate the root of traditional Chinese culture in the hearts of her daughter, so that they own veins of cultural heritage has a confident, capable in ethnic and cultural diversity of the United States, clearly You know who he is, where it comes from, where you are。
(Reporter Xu Jianmei Guo Yina) Editor: Fei Fan。