By the Friends of Mori Gakuen scandal Abe Cabinet support rate fell to 38% of large


  BEIJING, March 19, according to Japanese media reports, Japan's national emergency telephone public opinion survey results 17, 18 Kyodo two-day implementation of the display, Abe Cabinet support rate fell%, up from 3,4 two days of this month survey plunged percentage points; does not support the rate increase percentage points to percent, more than the support rate。
  Finance Ministry approval documents on the sale of state-owned forest land to the Friends of the academy has been tampered with issues% of respondents believe that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has the responsibility, much more than that there is no responsibility%。
Data Figure: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe。 China news agency reporters Wang Jianshe and Fen Xicheng, which shows the file tampering problem causes people to distrust of Abe's government, the support rate hit。 About Deputy Prime Minister and Finance with responsibility Taro Aso, that the rate should resign as% see no need for resignation%。 % Of people think Abe should step down, that there was no need to step down lower than the%。   About participation of opposition parties to pursue the sale of state-owned land lady Akie,% believe it is necessary to parliament for questioning, see no need for%。 For summoned before the National Tax Office Executive Sagawa declared life to testify before Congress,% believe it is necessary that not only necessary%。
  After 2012, the second session of the Abe administration took office, it is Kyodo News opinion poll in the fourth cabinet support rate fell to 30%。
The first survey was the lowest in July last year after the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, the support rate% rate is not supported%。   In response to queries will be implemented in September this year, the Liberal Democratic Party presidential election who qualified for the President's next question, select up to former Secretary General Shigeru Ishiba, in order%; followed by Principal Deputy Secretary General Shinjiro Koizumi, in%。 Abe topped the survey in February relegated to the third, in%。 This was followed by President-Government Survey Fumio Kishida%% Foreign Minister Taro Kono, General phase Seiko Noda%。
  Liberal Democratic Party around the constitutional amendment, the proposal for Abe stated in Article IX in the presence of the Self-Defense Forces, expressed support for%, as opposed to%。 For constitutional change during the Abe administration, the ratio in favor of%, as opposed to%。