What women need the most added dimension?These fruits rich in vitamin?


2, the cooking should be noted that the vegetables should be washed, cut, chopped immediately pot, and the best is to wash, is to do, is to eat; emergency fire fry cooking should adopt a method, which can reduce?Loss。 Vitamins?More stable in an acidic environment, if they can put some vinegar and acidic foods to eat, or when cooking, can improve their utilization。
1 ,: vitamin C ^ content is also high, between fruits and vegetables, eat more tomatoes is a good way to supplement vitamin C ^。
2 ,: it contains many essential, of course, very high in vitamin?Content, very healthy。
3 ,: its vitamin C ^ is the protection of God, the patient's health element。 4: known as Victoria?King, showing its content of vitamin C ^ how much。
5 ,: content of vitamin C ^ first place, visible pepper is also a good food supplement vitamin C ^。
6, Orange: rich in vitamin C, 1 oranges almost meet the body's daily requirement of vitamin C ^ amount。
Orange compounds containing more than 170 species of plants and more than 60 kinds of flavonoids, which most substances are natural antioxidants。 What women need the most added dimension C7,: contains a lot of vitamin C, can reduce blood cholesterol, but should not eat grapefruit。
Vitamin C ^ 8 ,: also rich in vitamin A content closer to the original content of carrot。 Eat sweet potatoes can lower cholesterol and reduce subcutaneous fat, lack of tonic, Qi Li, spleen and stomach, kidney yang, thus contributing to skin beauty。 9, celery: it is a very healthy vegetables, vitamin?The content is also high, can put anti-cancer radiation。 10, carrot: rich in vitamin C, can inhibit melanin synthesis, preventing fat oxidation, preventing lipofuscin deposition。 Therefore, eat carrots make the skin pale and delicate。