World Cup tickets in the ballot too hard? The reason behind give you answers


  As the world's biggest sporting event, the quadrennial FIFA World Cup affects the hearts of countless fans, the World Cup be able to attend the game their favorite team's game, but many fans biggest wish。
  Since September 2017 the official opening FIFA ticket lottery application, fans around the world rush to buy tickets for the World Cup 2018 in Russia's boom has more than 4 months。   The first round of balloting, the number of fans all over the world apply for a total of nearly 350 million people, and the ultimate success of the distribution of tickets, but only 622,117, the success rate of less than 18%。   Today, a second round of balloting has ended, millions of fans around the highly anticipated results of the draw, but many Chinese fans was really worried about this, because according to the rules and experience, the chance to sign the Chinese fans will not too high。
  The reason behind the following points: 1, FIFA official host of the super majority of the tickets allocated to fans it is the host country fans deserve welfare, according to the FIFA official data showed that the first round of ticket ballot which, according to a random selection lottery results 43% 57% of tickets were allocated to Russian fans, tickets allocated to international fans of the total number of votes。
  2, worldwide, FIFA official assigned to a small number of tickets China region。   As the Chinese team failed to qualify for the World Cup finals, FIFA official put the number of votes for the China region were naturally control。 After all, for those countries to qualify for the home team fans, ticket demand is more urgent。
The Chinese fans watch the games and the enthusiasm is very high, which makes a great degree of base surge ballot, a direct result of Chinese fans the chance to fall further in the ballot。   3, in a second draw lottery fans choose the relative concentration differs from the first screening round draw "blind election", when the second draw applications, grouping 32 participating teams have settled。 This leads to the concept of race fans choose more targeted, the team's restrictions, the city of the factors that have made the choice of the fans is further reduced。
Strong dialogue like Germany VS Mexico, Spain VS Portugal's or group match made in Moscow or St. Petersburg as will become more difficult to get a ticket。
  According to data recently released by FIFA, the second round of balloting in the first round compared to more popular, since December 5, 2017, the number of applicants has surged to more than 4 million, of which 45% came from countries other than Russia, this way, fans success rate, in particular, the success rate is more key to the game is not optimistic。
  However, in the second round draw, there is a phenomenon worthy of our attention。
In this round, the total number of applicants Chinese fans has dropped out of the top ten, which is the case after the United States and the first round of widely divergent。
  The reason, in full bloom for your sport to reveal the answer。   As the 2018 World Cup in Russia in Greater China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) the exclusive official ticketing agency, holds the Chinese sports fans in full bloom consumption for Hospitality tickets, along with rising national consumption levels, people pay more attention to the concept of race experience – no easy draw, randomly selected screenings as well as the high cost of freedom – have become an important factor in attracting fans and hospitality tickets, we take into account containing up to 7-10 overall upgrade of spectators to experience the service, to meet with the players a rare opportunity to communicate, more and more Chinese fans began buying hospitality tickets go Watching the World Cup。
  In addition to their outstanding properties, the more outstanding Chinese fans also contributed to the fight against cattle awareness of the important factors of Hospitality tickets sold。 World Cup for cattle is unprecedented crackdown。
Recently, the German Regional Court of Hamburg issued a temporary injunction to online ticketing platform viagogo, asking them at or prior to the distribution before the official FIFA and / genuine ticket holders, is prohibited on the online sale of tickets for the World Cup 2018 in Russia。
Violation of the ban will be fined up to 250,000 euros or sentenced to six months in jail。
Similarly, the FIFA general not authorized any Chinese company to sell tickets for the World Cup, the sale of any company or individual acts are illegal。 Many in bloom sports fans to buy tickets for Hospitality, mentioned on some platforms have been found in unauthorized illegal sale of tickets for the 2018 Russia World Cup ordinary business。
To this end, FIFA was in November 22, 2017, duly convened, "the Russian official World Cup ticketing channels Greater China Conference" in Beijing, the illegal sale of "scalped tickets," the company conducted a roll call。
While sounded the alarm for criminals, but also to Chinese fans know more about the official channels and procedures World Cup tickets purchased。
  As of now, Russia 2018 World Cup hospitality tickets in the Greater China region has sold more than 3,000 units, of which popular such as Germany, Argentina's Hospitality tickets are selling hot products, fully as much as FIFA official ballot heat, even many Popular screenings already sold out; coupled with the exquisite bloom sports package tourism products, Chinese fans in the consumption of high-quality hospitality class tickets and the surrounding has exceeded billion yuan mark!  It is noteworthy that, based on past European Cup in full bloom sports, World Cup operational experience, Hospitality tickets general tickets boom will peak after the Lunar New Year。
By then, there will be more Chinese fans watch the games selection and Hospitality tickets。
  Now the just-concluded second round of balloting, I believe that many want to experience the World Cup in Russia passionate fans and friends, still in the success of the ballot and filled with hope。 If you ultimately failed in the ballot, you may wish to join us, with like-minded fans, friends, co-experience the World Cup spectators to experience VIP bar service!  In the summer of 2018 in Russia, we will see the best location on Hospitality seat stadium spectators, there are more Chinese fans figure, and you, perhaps on one of them!。