BEIJING Financial Center – "going out" Reflections success record


Rational view of Chinese enterprises' overseas M & A wave Although China's overseas M & A is always in leaps and bounds in the state, Chinese overseas acquisitions will increasingly become an important force leading the Chinese economy's future direction, but overall Chinese outbound M & A is still in a primary Level。
According to a number of institutions or experts suggest that companies overseas mergers and acquisitions in recent years our country are not many success stories, there are at least 70 percent is a failure, it is also a huge economic losses。 There are data to show that the loss of overseas mergers and acquisitions in 2008 also reached a level of about 200 billion yuan, all this can not let us return to reason to look at this fast overseas M & A wave。 Summary of the case in the past, we can see that Chinese enterprises in overseas acquisitions, most still remain in what I want to in the end, and for why, after going to in the end what to do, how to do, what is the biggest gains after the dry well is the largest What risk is that these deep-seated problems considered very small。
So, how to make Chinese overseas acquisitions to come out from such an extensive state, establish a rational management system of the road to sustainable development, we believe this is not only a problem entrepreneurs need to consider, it is relevant officials in charge to consider a proposition。