Summer health care tips!


Summer day short night, scorching heat, health care is particularly important。However, health care methods many people take for granted is actually unscientific。
Here are some summer care of misunderstanding, people care quite beneficial in summer。Profuse sweating is not necessarily the one hand healthy summer sweat evaporative cooling to maintain a constant body temperature; the other hand can be discharged more hazardous waste metabolites, such as lactic acid, carbonic acid, creatinine, urea, and bacterial toxins。
So long as a hot summer day some sweat, urine Tom Lee, the General Assembly will not get sick。
If there is no sweat oliguria, often threatened Shubing。
Older sweat glands shrink, so easy to get Shubing。Why, then, do not sweat much good because the evaporative cooling effect with a small amount of sweat is the best; if large drops of sweat flowing, but its cooling effect is poor, vain damage body fluid and vitality。Because a lot of sweat can lose a lot of useful substances cause the body potassium, sodium。
According to the determination, sweat also contains zinc, copper, chromium, molybdenum, cobalt, iodine and other trace elements, and vitamins and other active substances, it will lead to excessive sweating dehydrated physically weak。
Further, a lot of sweat allows blood concentration, increased blood viscosity, and the risk of myocardial infarction induced thrombosis of atherosclerosis。Therefore, in the heat of summer sweat more, feel free to add water and salt。
Weekday meals should drink some soup, eat more and more moisture content and rich in vitamins and potassium fruits, vegetables, such as watermelon, cucumber, spinach, gourd, etc.。
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