Department of Commerce: China will focus on supervision over investment of 300 million dollars for foreign investment


Click to view dongfangcaifuwang hearing on the 25th, Chinese Ministry of Commerce issued the Interim Measures for Foreign Investment reported record approval, supervision will focus on Chinese investment of more than $ 300 million of foreign investment; will be sensitive areas of foreign investment in sensitive sectors focusing on supervision; the focusing on supervision materially operating loss of foreign investment。    [Reports] National Development and Reform Commission spokesman Yan Pengcheng, 22, said that China adhere to the introduction and to go out and try, in accordance with the business-oriented, market-oriented, international practice, the principle of government guidance and support qualified enterprises to carry out foreign investment and cooperation to achieve common win。In recent years, foreign investment has become an important way of promoting "along the way" building, as well as an important way to the depth of domestic enterprises to participate in international division of labor, optimize the allocation of resources。  At the same time, with the improvement of the degree of internationalization of domestic enterprises, foreign investment is also more diverse, some of the overseas investment activities outside drifted away from the existing administrative boundaries, there are some potential risks。In view of this situation, the NDRC and other departments will further guide, strengthen the daily management of foreign investment norms in four areas。  Yan Pengcheng introduced, first, continue to do foreign investment authenticity Compliance Management。China has the ability to support qualified enterprises innovation of foreign investment, carry out real compliance of foreign investment activities; second is to continue to improve the foreign investment in the whole process of management, will be released related documents, padded short board management, innovation and regulatory tools to do good thing the ex post regulation; Third, dishonesty joint discipline, effective implementation of the 28 departmental discipline, so that disciplinary measures to the letter of serious dishonesty subject; Fourth, continue to optimize the foreign investment services abroad in the future the vast majority of investment management will be part of the network system and publish information overseas investment, the establishment of investment and cooperation mechanism to promote the interests of protecting overseas。  It is understood that in mid-2017, China's foreign investment there was a substantial decline compared with 2016, but steady improvement in quality and efficiency, increasingly rational foreign investment。In mid-2017, China's foreign investment structure optimization, mergers and acquisitions activity, stimulate exports obvious, quality and efficiency of foreign investment and cooperation steadily。Ministry of Commerce spokesman recently said the peak, so far, the new foreign investment, there is no real estate, sports and entertainment and other new projects。Risk prevention awareness and ability to continue to enhance foreign investment enterprises。  Development and Reform Commission, said, "Overseas Investment Management Enterprise" will begin in March 1 this year,。The new approach aims to strengthen macro guidance for overseas investment, overseas investment comprehensive optimization service。The new approach highlights the decentralization, canceled the project information reporting system。For example, investment of $ 300 million or more are no longer needed NDRC confirmed, further simplifying management aspects beforehand, reducing the transaction costs of institutional。  Ministry of Commerce Cooperation Division Zhouliu Jun said that the future will be in accordance to "encourage development + negative list" principle, continue to support a clear strategy, adhere to the main business of foreign-invested enterprises。Encourage banks and enterprises, research, foreign multilateral cooperation to promote the design consulting, financing, build-operate-integrated joint enterprise to go out and improve the overall competitiveness of foreign investment。At the same time, by promoting the construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation zone, to enhance the international cooperation capacity level so that foreign investment to better serve the domestic supply-side structural reforms and economic development entities。(Source: Economic Information Daily)