His body is a precursor of these five symptoms of liver disease!


  1.Loss of appetite。
Liver damage often leads to poor digestion, severe anorexia may also occur greasy, nausea, vomiting。 This is mainly due to the large number of damaged liver cells, bile secretion function is reduced, affecting the digestion of fat。
Liver have a poor appetite and digestive problems caused by the absorption blocked, people will further the energy shortage situation, long-term this will lead to the body appears fatigue, attention is not easy to concentrate, dizziness, tinnitus and other phenomena。   3.Spider veins and liver palms。
Some patients with liver cirrhosis and liver palms and spider veins occur。
Spider often seen in the face, neck, chest, back and other parts。
Palmar erythema often appear on both sides of the palm of your hand。
Abnormal liver occurs, it will cause biliary obstruction, and this time will not be smooth excretion of bilirubin, bilirubin metabolism will also appear abnormal, causing jaundice, usually presents the eyes, skin, urine yellow。
Jaundice people, but also generalized itching may occur before jaundice appears after a few months or a year occur。   5.Hemorrhage。
When an exception occurs in the liver can cause abnormal blood clotting factor synthesis, this time there will be bleeding gums, nose bleeding and other symptoms。
  Liver Recipes 1, mulberry 30 g (fresh mulberry with 60 grams), 60 grams of rice, crystal sugar。 The Mulberry wash clean, cook the rice, add sugar until cooked。
Porridge can nourish the liver, nourishing eyesight。
Suitable for liver and kidney deficiency caused dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus, backache, premature graying embolism。
  2, taken Polygonum 30 grams, rice 100?200 grams, jujube 3?5, crystal sugar。
After Polygonum multiflorum first into the pot, boiled 30 minutes, to leave residue gravy。 Then rice, jujube, sugar into the pot, after the first Wuhuo boil, switch to slow fire porridge。 The porridge can benefit blood for blood deficiency of night blindness, visual dim, yellow face inadequate blood, anemia, edema, beriberi, etc.。
  3, 100 g of fresh liver, green beans 60 grams, 100 grams of rice, salt, monosodium glutamate。
First green beans, wash the rice cook, boil low heat and then slow boil, then cook until eight mature, then cut into pieces or strips of liver into the pot cook, cooked, plus seasoning article。
This porridge Bugan nourishing heat eyesight, soothing beauty, people can radiant, especially for those sallow, vision loss, blurred vision and the infirm。