China "unicorn" large scan: "Internet +" category accounted for five percent


March 8, Foxconn will be successful too, with speed to market 36 days to create a company to get the history of A shares Pass。With the positive signal regulators continue to release more "unicorn" companies landing A-share seems just around the corner。  Unicorn for domestic enterprises, as an investor you know how much?Data show that as of the end of February 2018, the global total of 230 enterprises Unicorn Club, distributed in 23 countries, with 62 Chinese enterprises in second place unicorn。CICC Research shows that China "unicorn" an important way to survive is a combination of the Internet and other emerging technologies to meet user and mining escalating consumer demand in a more efficient manner, such as culture and entertainment, education, games, travel, logistics and many more。  Although Foxconn lead the way in front, but Shun Securities research team believes that this does not mean that all unicorns can successfully embark on the "fast track", currently a number of regulations still restrict heavy。  China and the US "unicorn" comparison of the US venture capital research firm CBIN- attractions announced the global list unicorn, Central America has become a giant unicorn double: As of the end of February 2018 a total of 230 global companies unicorn club the total market capitalization of $ 801.9 billion, distributed in 23 countries, there are seven countries with three or more of the unicorn。Of which 113 Unicorn business in the United States, 49% of the global total unicorn enterprises, Chinese enterprises to 62 closely followed unicorn。US unicorn in 23 industries, where most Internet services and the financial sector enterprises; Chinese unicorn distributed in 18 industries, most e-commerce companies and Internet services。  CICC Research said that if the two countries have differences in classification unicorn enterprise, is China's "unicorn" heavy consumption, the United States "unicorn" science and technology。China "unicorn" an important way to survive is a combination of the Internet and other emerging technologies to meet user and mining escalating consumer demand in a more efficient manner, such as culture and entertainment, education, games, travel, logistics etc.。From consumer, commercial service related industries "unicorn" of the total Chinese "unicorn" of 60%。United States 60% of the "unicorn" concentrated in the areas of technology and innovation-based artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and healthcare。  However, China's "unicorn" financing ability should not be underestimated, and the rapid growth。CICC, said the Internet company database based on the data provider of IT oranges, Chinese unicorn total company raised $ 26.4 billion in mid-2017。Compared with the 2017 IPO fund-raising amount of the world's major exchanges, starting just below the scale of financing the NYSE, HKEx, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange IPO fund-raising in 2017 were $ 17216415100000000。In the comparable caliber, China "unicorn" valuation increase of 62% in 2017。  Tianfeng Securities Liu Chenming think, can be seen from the classification unicorn enterprises, Chinese enterprises in the "Internet +" business model innovation has a very strong advantage, in some areas even more advantages than the American and European countries。Distribution from the industry is concerned, the two countries unicorn companies are more focused on the Internet, e-commerce, suggesting that China and the US "Internet +" the competitive advantage significantly stronger than other economies。  Chinese unicorn enterprises which?  According to Hoogewerf Research Institute, Chinese unicorn 2017 120 enterprises, including in the manufacture of high-end, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, biotechnology four areas there are 29。In the "Internet + X" areas, but there are many large unicorn familiar。  Shun Securities research team statistics show that 120 Chinese enterprises unicorn, the overall valuation of nearly 3 trillion yuan。Unicorn presents Internet companies dominate the list of state。Internet services, e-commerce, the Internet's top three financial sector accounted for 50% of the total unicorn unicorn enterprises list。  Distribution area, from the point of view of geographical distribution, Beijing 2017 is the largest number of domestic enterprises Unicorn city, a total of 54 companies on the list, accounting for 45% of top companies, it shows Beijing is unique in China's new economic map the important position; Shanghai and Hangzhou in second and number three, unicorn enterprises were 28 and 13; Shenzhen and Guangzhou respectively, 10 and 3 ranked fourth, fifth。  From a valuation point of view, Beijing is still the Chinese unicorn overall enterprise largest city, Hangzhou total valuation of 13 companies unicorn over 28 companies in Shanghai, in second place。Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, followed by。  From the industry point of view, high-end manufacturing, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the number of biotechnology companies for the four major industries of the Unicorn 29, accounting for 25%。Where the majority of high-end manufacturing enterprises and the overall valuation ranking。Geographically, mainly in Beijing (11), Shanghai (7), Shenzhen (3), Hangzhou (3) and other cities, some companies have excellent unicorn in preparation for A-share listing matters, the future of these four industries and enterprises will have more room to grow。  Foxconn regulations limiting heavy IPO speed faster than expected, its feedback, the wait will significantly shorten the stage with a lot of time。Foxconn first pre-disclosure on February 9, 2018, 14 days will be through the feedback stage (a status update to the "pre-disclosure update") only when, far less than the 409 days of the IPO is currently ranked in the corporate average number of days Feedback。March 8, 2018, Foxconn will review the episode and be successful too, in just 13 days they will pass on the waiting period, the waiting time will be compared with the current 143-day average saving。  Foxconn complete prospectus within one month to declare the pre-disclosure update, of course, can be called "rapidly", but Shun Securities research team believes, but in fact this does not mean that all unicorns can successfully embark on the "fast track "There are still a number of regulatory restrictions against。  First, listed on the main board need three consecutive years of net profit over 30 million threshold, "four new" business in many unicorns are difficult to achieve (in fact, in the US stock market Jingdong, Tesla, once Alibaba, Amazon and so perennial loss); second, in the a-share listed need to be removed VIE (variable interest entities) framework, appropriate capital exit channels need to be clear; third, the upper limit of the existing regulations issued object needs to be improved, that more than 200 public offering of securities issues people; fourth, different weights for internal corporate shares with provisions of relevant laws conflict with the reality of many of the unicorn, to consider amendments。  In addition, the "unicorn" companies landing A-share "amount of money" will affect the market?It also triggered worries about blood growth stock liquidity after the return of giants。Liu Hanfeng research CICC analysts believe that, from the body of view, currently meet the "four new" concept in the stock market takes a value scale 0.$ 8.9 trillion Hong Kong 0.US $ 81 trillion, plus the current "unicorn" valuation, total 2.About $ 3 trillion。If these companies in the future is expected by Chinese Depositary Receipts (CDR) or other institutional reforms listed landing A-share market, static estimation of potential financing in the amount of about $ 300 billion, equivalent to nearly 2 trillion yuan。  "While Should these companies over the next 3 – 5 years of landing A-share market, or bring some financial pressure from the financial side perspective, but the quality of the four new leader continued listing in the long run will reduce the scarcity of high-quality growth stocks, promote growth stocks survival of the fittest, performance differentiation。Reduce barriers to innovation and competitive corporate finance will also promote faster economic structure, market structure to achieve the conversion of old and new, the next 3 – 5 years, the proportion of new economic sectors in the economy and the A-share market is expected to rise to 50% or even higher。"CICC study says。  Industry voice expert opinion